Prince William's 'dashing' good looks and 'fabulous smile' give him confidence in his own skin to thrive as future King

Prince William is thriving and confident in his role in The Firm, according to a royal expert

Prince William dashing
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Prince William 'exudes confidence' with his 'dashing' looks and dazzling smile, displaying how he's grown to thrive in his role, a royal expert says. 

A royal expert has highlighted just how much Prince William has grown in confidence over the years, growing up from a young boy to the doting father and dedicated Prince of Wales he is today. 

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond says the future monarch, who is first in the royal line of succession and set to take the throne after father King Charles, is a charming 'heartthrob' prince with a 'fabulous' smile and is able to connect with the public in the same way his mother, Princess Diana, did. 

Prince William dashing

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Pointing out that William has learned how to deal with life in the public eye over his lifetime in the royal spotlight, Jennie told OK!, "William exudes confidence these days. I think this comes from growing older, becoming more comfortable in your own skin, the vast experience he now has of being centre stage, and learning to cope with the glare of pretty constant publicity."

Recalling that Princess Diana herself shared her faith that William would naturally take to his duties, Jennie went on to add, 'I remember how his mother, Diana, told me that William found the relentless presence of cameras very difficult. But, she told me, 'he will learn to cope. He will get used to it.' And she was right.

"He’s always been a good looking boy, and then young man. Now, in his 40s, he wears his almost bald head well. It suits him," she added. 

Prince William dashing

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"He's tall, dashing, with a fabulous smile, and the same engaging manner that his mother had with the public. So it’s no wonder that he is a bit of a heartthrob," Jennie added. 

Prince William recently surprised members of the public by taking to a burger van to serve special sustainable veggie burgers in collaboration with the Earthshot Prize and Sorted Food. 

Rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in inside a food van in London's Bermondsey, William explained that the burgers were made using environmentally friendly concepts created by three winners of the 2022 Earthshot Prize.

After leaving diners gob-smacked in sweet moments that can be seen on the Prince and Princess of Wales's Instagram account, royal fans took to the comment section to applaud Prince William on his dedication and involvement in the initiative, while meeting with the public. 

"Love the way Prince of Wales surprises people! So natural for him to do," one wrote, while another added, "His dedication is just very admirable and the way he talks about the project with so much pride in his eyes!! He is committed to change the world for everybody!"

"This is a fantastic project and what a great way to capture their reactions to seeing Prince William," one more impressed commenter penned. 

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