Prince William was awarded this subtle sign of respect during his Orkney tour—did you spot it?

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed the subtle sign of respect that Prince William received while touring Scotland

Prince William
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While on tour in Orkney, Scotland, Prince William received this sweet gesture from some of the Scottish residents who paid their respect to the future King. 

• Prince William and Kate are currently on tour in Scotland.
• The royal couple visited Orkney and received this subtle sign of respect from some Scottish residents.
• In other royal news, Kate Middleton clears up a case of mistaken identity on first trip to Orkney—and fans are delighted.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently on tour in Scotland and have recently visiting Orkney island where they sat and had tea with some residents. The couple posted images of them having tea and biscuits with some local Kirkwall residents on their Instagram page. 

The caption to the post read, "Dropping in on the Bichan family for a cuppa in Kirkwall. It was great to chat about life in Orkney, and to learn more about the challenges of the past year." But one eagle-eyed fan noticed something special about this image of the royal couple.

Fans spotted that Prince William had been given a special chair to sit down for their 'cuppa'. The royal fan commented on this image, "With Prince William in a traditional Orkney chair!"

The traditional Orkney chairs date back centuries and were originally made from driftwood that washed ashore the Orkney islands. Orkney chair creators Fraser Anderson say, "Originally designed to be a simple, functional piece of furniture, it was created from materials gathered from the natural environment of the islands."

Although the chairs were originally designed for practicality, brands that still create the chairs reveal that they are now a highly sought-after item. Fraser Anderson states, "They were no-frills, very much handmade but no less essential parts of old Orcadian homes. Nowadays they have become much sought-after decorative pieces of furniture, often the centrepiece of modern family home."

The pieces of furniture can now retail cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds because of the homemade nature of the rustic furniture. It is clear that Prince William was given this chair as an earnest sign of respect. While the rest of the party sat on outdoor wooden furniture, the Bichan family decided to give the Prince this particular seat that is enriched with history. 

Handmade Orkney Chair from £980- £3300

Handmade Orkney Chair from £980- £3300

Fraser Anderson's Orkney handcrafted furniture comes in a range of designs that feature the traditional woven back. The chairs are custom made and therefore available in a variety of different designs and woods. 

Fans loved to see the royal couple interacting with the Scottish residents and many took to social media to comment on Kate and William's natural warmth. One fan commented, "The Duchess and the Duke look so relaxed in these photos. What a great job these two are doing!" Another said, "It's great to see them again on tours like this."

Many also complimented the Duchess on her scarf as Kate Middleton wore a scarf with special hidden meaning for first-ever visit to Orkney. One eager fan commented, "Such a nice setting and My fave tartan scarf is back!!" 

This trip to Scotland has been very eventful and the royals have been sure to document their various visits on their royal Instagram page. During this trip, an eagle-eyed fan spotted something unusual about these photographs of Prince William in Scotland. Also during this trip, royal fans noticed the sweet way Prince William supports Kate during hilarious music performance in Scotland.

The royal couple will continue this tour for the rest of this week as the two continue to visit different areas of Scotland. 

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