Royal fans notice the sweet way Prince William supports Kate during hilarious music performance in Scotland

Prince William and Kate Middleton have delighted royal fans witht their sweet interaction on their Scottish tour

Prince William and Kate
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Eagle-eyed fans have noticed the adorable way that Prince William has supported his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, during their trip to Scotland.

•Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently on tour in Scotland.
• While on tour, fans have noticed the sweet way that William supports his wife the Duchess of Cambridge.
• In other royal news, Prince Charles may avoid Buckingham Palace when he becomes King—and live here instead.

On the couple’s Instagram page, a video was posted of Kate chatting to the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and attempting to make music on a soundboard. In the video, Kate struggled to perform as a DJ and even apologised for the racket she created. As she left she laughed as she said, "Sorry for leaving such a terrible song."

The caption to this post read, “Can rule out a music career! Keep up the incredible work Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and please do delete that music…” 

Fans loved this interaction between the royal couple and many noticed the sweet way that William supports his wife. One fan commented, “Not a bad tune lol. I could dance to that. Btw, love how William holds Catherine’s purse while she’s DJ’ing.” 

When Kate had finished performing, William handed his wife her purse, and the two left as they profusely apologized for Kate’s lack of musical talent. Fans found it sweet that he held his wife's purse while she took the spotlight, and also ensured that she took her purse with her when they left the room.

In the video, William mocked Kate's song and said, “Please turn that off, it’s hurting my ears.” Kate agreed and left the room insisting that the producers, “Delete it, delete it, delete it.” Fans loved to see the banter between the royal couple and many took to social media to discuss their adorable exchange.

One fan commented, “I love their banter together.” Another said, “Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge are always so lovely and seem to have a lot of fun on engagements." Another cheekily commented, "This is hilarious and I’m sure it will be William’s new ringtone for when Kate calls.”

This isn't the first time that royal fans have noticed something unusual during the couple's tour to Scotland as an eagle-eyed fan spotted something unusual about these photographs of Prince William in Scotland. The couple has also shared some romantic moments as Prince William reminisced about meeting Kate Middleton at St Andrews as the couple prepares to return to where their love story began.

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