Prince William shows his down-to-earth side as he jokes with flirty fan, 'come on girls eat your heart out'

Prince William showed his down-to-earth side as he delighted NHS workers on Tuesday as he joked around with guests at the engagement

Prince William showed his down-to-earth side
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Prince William showed his down-to-earth side as he chatted with excited fans at the royals marked the 75th anniversary of the NHS.

On Tuesday, the Prince and Princess of Wales joined together to surprise NHS workers at a very special engagement. William and Kate attended a special tea party at the wellbeing garden of St Thomas’ Hospital in London and spent time chatting with guests in celebration of the National Health Service's 75 year anniversary. 

Among the guests in attendance were former Great British Bake Off host and television presenter Mel Giedroyc, and former GBBO contestant Alice Fevronia. There were also a number of NHS workers and special guests including, Aneira Thomas, the first baby born on the NHS, and grandmother and former nurse of nearly 50 years, Blanche Hines, who was part of the Windrush generation.

In one special moment, Blanche Hines hugged the Prince of Wales and jokingly flirted with the Prince. "Would you like a hug?" adked the Prince as he leaned over a table of people to hug Blanche. Quick as a flash the former nurse said to the cameras, "Come on girls, eat your heart out!" Causing everyone around the table to burst into laughter at her cheeky comment to the future King.

The video of this hilarious interaction was posted on the NHS Charities Together website, and fans loved this interaction. "You can tell Mrs. Blanche Hines Loved meeting The Prince and Princess of Wales, she was holding their hands or making them laugh. I love seeing this," said one fan on Twitter.

Another image was posted of the Princess of Wales holding hands with Blanche as they chatted to one another during the event. Fans also loved this sweet interaction with the Princess. "Look at these 2 holding hands. So warm & friendly," commented one royal fan. "They are soo lovely, that’s what royals should be like, the queen mother did things like that in the war omg I’m proud to have them as my royals," said another.

During recent engagements, the Prince of Wales has continued to show his relaxed approach to engagements and his down-to-earth style. Only last week, Prince William's sense of humor shone through as he laughed at a funny story about Prince Philip. Similarly, last month Prince William's witty reaction to a very cheeky fan's comments made royal fans love the Prince even more as he was able to poke fun at himself.

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