Prince William reveals the sweet chore he and Princess Catherine like to share

Prince William revealed the chore he likes to share with the Princess of Wales during a royal engagement in Windsor

Prince William's chore
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Prince William and Princess Cathrine may be the royal couple who are set to inherit the throne, but this doesn't stop them from having a number of family chores to share out.

The Prince and Princess of Wales appeared in Windsor on Thursday, September 22, 2022, as the pair thanked staff for their work in facilitating the Queen's committal service earlier in the week. For this engagement, Princess Catherine opted for classic pearl earrings and an oversized coat as she took the time to chat with volunteers and members of staff.

After speaking to Catherine and William, some of the workers revealed what they spoke about with the royal couple and some of the more humorous comments made by the Prince of Wales. 

ITV news reported that Kate and William told the staff that they watched in awe at the preparations for the Queen's service as they took their children to school. This surprised one fan who found it funny that the future Queen consort is just like every other parent that has to take their kids back and forth to school every day. 

"I said to (Catherine) ‘it seems strange that the future Queen does the school run,’" said the member of staff.  He then revealed that this is a chore the royal couple like to share as Prince William apparently chimed in to say, "I do it as well!" Another member of staff confirmed that for Kate and William the school run is a 'shared event' that they take turns completing.

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During this engagement, the couple also touched on their continued grief as they mourn the late monarch. Kate Middleton revealed that she believed the Queen was 'looking down on us' as she spoke about the rainbows that appeared in the sky across Scotland and Buckingham Palace following the monarch's passing. 

Prince William also opened up about some of the tributes to his grandmother that he has found most moving and revealed, "There are certain moments that catch you out. You are prepared for all, but certain moments catch you out." This included the Prince getting 'choked up' when seeing all of the Paddington Bear tributes left for Her Majesty, "It is the things you don't expect that get to you," said the Prince.

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