What will King Charles III's era be called as His Majesty becomes the new monarch?

King Charles III's era has now begun and the Elizabethan era has ended, but what will this new age under a new monarch be called?

King Charles III's era
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King Charles III's era has just begun in the United Kingdom, as the former monarch, Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, thus ending the Elizabethan era.

The UK is currently witnessing history as the New Elizabethan era comes to an end and is replaced by a new era under a new monarch, King Charles III. But what with King Charles III's era be called?

The new age has already been referred to by some as the Carolean era. Liz Truss, the UK Prime Minister told the House of Commons in a speech that MPs, the British people, and the Commonwealth itself must support the new King as he brings the UK forward into a, "new era of hope and progress, our new Carolean age".

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Although this new era has already been referred to as the Carolean era, it could also be called the Caroline age. Under King Charles I from 1600 until his execution in 1649, Britons experienced the Caroline age, the feminine version of the word Carolus (which is a Latin word and translates to Charles in English).

However, under King Charles II between 1600 and 1685, there was a Carolean Age rather than a second Caroline age. Carolean is the masculine derivation of the word Carolus and King Charles III could opt to either celebrate his reign as the second Carolean era, or the second Caroline era. 

The word 'second' is pivotal to this era and will help distinguish these monarchs in history books to come. 

Similarly, the era under Elizabeth I was also known as the Elizabethan era, or the Golden Age. To distinguish between the two monarchs with the same first name, the era under Queen Elizabeth II was called the New Elizabethan era. This was just a small way to differentiate between the epoch of history from 1558–1603 and the rule of the late monarch from 1952 until 2022.

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