King Charles III to honor Queen's morning routine by continuing her special tradition

King Charles III is expected to uphold the sweet tradition before he eats breakfast following his succession of his late mother's role

King Charles to honor Queen's morning routine by continuing her special tradition
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King Charles III plans to uphold one of the Queen's morning rituals as the new British sovereign, a royal insider has revealed. 

King Charles III will continue to observe one of the Queen's morning rituals - having a human alarm clock. 

Her Majesty was famously awoken by the sound of live bagpipes every day, with a royal piper playing for 15 minutes beneath her window throughout her 70-year-long reign. 

The sweet tradition, which dates back to Queen Victoria's era, would be upheld at all of the late monarch's residences – from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to Windsor Castle in Berkshire. It's understood that Charles, who automatically inherited the throne upon the Queen's death on September 8, will now also be starting his day with the distinctive tune. 

PM Scott Methven of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the musician who has held the honorable job since 2015, will likely see a change in his hours once he starts working for the King. His services for the Queen reportedly used to commence at 9 am, with the late monarch getting as much sleep as possible in her older age. Charles, however, is famously an early riser, with some reports suggesting that he wakes as early as 7 am. 


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“If the piper started at 9 am, it’s unlikely the King would be there to hear him,” a source told the Telegraph. “He would have to start at 7 am if he wants his music to be heard.”

Methven may also have to relocate for the duty to either Clarence House or Buckingham Palace, where the new King is expected to spend most of his time as Head of State.

"Charles is a great lover of tradition and I’d fully expect him to preserve the role. He has an affinity with all things Scotland and anyone who has spent time at Dumfries House will know that a bagpiper is a regular after-dinner fixture," the source added. 

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