Prince William has given Kate Middleton nearly £703,000 worth of jewellery, expert says

This includes Kate's engagement sapphire from Princess Diana, as well as other opulent jewels

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According to new reports, Kate Middleton has apparently been given over £703,000 worth of jewellery from Prince William, and we're taking a look at some of the best pieces. 

In 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales have celebrated 13 years since their engagement, and the pair has been together even longer, since their days at the University of St. Andrews. Since the couple has been engaged, the Prince has given Kate Middleton many a fine piece of jewelry, and according to new reports, he has spent over £700,000 on jewellery alone over the years for the Princess. 

According to jewellery expert, Neil Dutta, Managing Director of Angelic Diamonds, there have been a handful of iconic jewellery items that William has gifted to Kate over the years, and it spans even beyond her iconic sapphire engagement ring

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We would be remiss, of course, to not mention the engagement ring, however, which according to Neil is worth nearly £330,000. 

The ring is iconic, said Neil, because of its unique design: "Catherine’s engagement ring is, most likely, one of her most prized possessions. It is a brilliant blue Ceylon, oval-shaped sapphire set within an 18k white gold band, surrounded by a cluster of 14 round solitaire diamonds."

He did note, however, that its value has undoubtedly increased over the years, especially given the historical significance of the ring, seeing as it was once Princess Diana's, given to her by now King Charles. 

"Our jewellers estimated that it had increased in value each year by 23%, based on its value of £30,000 at initial purchase. This means it's worth up to £330,000 today and likely more due to its history!" he also noted. 

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The Princess does have a good deal of other very valuable jewelry pieces aside from her iconic engagement ring, however. For example, she has a matching pair of diamond and sapphire earrings that are a perfect match to her engagement ring, and according to Neil these are also worth somewhere around £303,000. 

Another well-known jewelry piece Kate was gifted from William is her "GCL" necklace, which features the first letter of all of her children's names, one for George, Charlotte, and Louis. The necklace has a gold pendant with these letters engraved, and is likely also worth a fairly pretty penny, said Neil. 

"The gold Midnight Moon necklace features G, C and L initials for her children and was a gift for Catherine’s 38th birthday. The necklace was designed by British jeweller, Daniella Draper, with Cathering often preferring British designers when it comes to her jewels. This part of her collection is worth an estimated £1,300," he said. 

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