Prince William echoes Harry and Meghan's withdrawal statement after questionable Caribbean royal tour

Prince William sounded strikingly similar to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his recent comments on the future of the British Commonwealth

Prince William echoes Harry in comments on Caribbean tour
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Prince William's closing comments on his Caribbean royal tour with Kate Middleton appear to have been inspired by Harry and Meghan's statement on their withdrawal from the Royal Family last year. 

Prince William appears to have taken a few notes from his younger brother, Prince Harry, in his final statement on his Caribbean royal tour with Kate Middleton. 

The eight-day-long trip in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee has been tainted by controversy, with many critics slamming the couple's recent visits to Belize, Jamaica, and The Bahamas as 'tone-deaf' and 'colonial'. 

It's understood that Prince William held 'emergency crisis talks' with royal aides following the backlash, shortly before revealing he supported the states' decisions to determine their own destinies at a reception in Nassau on Friday. 

The Duke of Cambridge acknowledged the negative feedback once again online, posting a series of tweets to clarify his position on the British monarchy's relationship with the Commonwealth. 

Prince William

Prince William delivering a speech in Nassau, The Bahamas, on Friday, 25 March 

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"I know that this tour has brought into even sharper focus questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas, that future is for the people to decide upon. But we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with communities in all three countries understanding more about the issues that matter most to them," he wrote. "Catherine and I are committed to service. For us that's not telling people what to do. It is about serving and supporting them in whatever way they think best, by using the platform we are lucky to have." 

Prince William's unprecedented statement sounded strikingly similar to a message shared by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the public last spring. 

Meghan and Harry

Prince William's words echoed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's response to the Queen's statement on their withdrawal 

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle famously stepped back as senior royals in January 2020, promising to continue serving the Crown from their new home in North America. 

However, in February 2021, the Queen issued a statement that it was "not possible" for the couple to maintain their status as working members of the British monarchy. Their royal patronages were subsequently stripped and later redistributed to other members of the family, including Duchess Camilla and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

In a seemingly pointed response to this snub, Harry and Meghan said, "We can all live a life of service. Service is universal." They also vowed to "remain committed to their duty and service to the U.K. and around the world, and have offered their continued support to the organizations they have represented regardless of official role." 

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