Prince Charles to replace Queen with this important duty usually performed by the monarch

Prince Charles replacing the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament could be sign of a “sea change” in his position

Prince Charles to replace Queen at Parliament opening, according to reports
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Prince Charles is being lined up to replace the Queen at the annual State Opening of Parliament. It is being reported that contingency plans have been prepared by Palace officials to accommodate the Queen’s ongoing health and mobility issues.

Prince Charles is being lined up to deliver the Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament as her health and mobility issues continue to concern officials.

The speech at the opening of Parliament is scheduled to go ahead on May 10 and it is reported that Charles is being briefed on important information giving him the opportunity to replace Her Majesty if it comes to that.

Queen Elizabeth II has been plagued with health and mobility issues lately

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It comes as the Queen has pulled out of a number of key occasions in the last six months due to concerns surrounding her health, most recently delegating to Charles for the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

Though Her Majesty has returned to light duties, she regularly uses a walking stick and recently commented about her mobility issues, telling two senior military officers during a Windsor Castle reception, “Well, as you can see, I can't move.”

The Queen has missed only two state openings during her historic 70-year reign. First, when she was pregnant with Prince Andrew in 1959 and then with Prince Edward in 1963.

the Queen has only missed two State Openings in 70 years

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The news that Charles is being lined up to replace the Queen in this duty comes after other reports suggest Her Majesty has reportedly asked her eldest son—and next in line to the throne—to familiarize himself with confidential state files and other tasks usually reserved for the monarch.

Royal expert Robert Jobson is quoted as suggesting the Queen wants Charles to be “kept up to speed” with the affairs of the constitution creating a “sea change” in his position in the family.

The Queen, who is referred to as the title Reader Number One in Whitehall, wants Charles to be kept up to speed with all confidential state matters so that the transition is as smooth as possible should anything happen to her.

Royal expert Robert is also quoted as suggesting that Charles would be the "most well-prepared monarch-in-waiting ever," considering his hands-on involvement with government officials and duties over the years.

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