Prince William and Prince Charles furious as 'Andrew is on collision course with the Palace'

Prince William and Prince Charles are in a bid to prevent Prince Andrew from going to court to fight sex abuse case in front of a jury

Prince William and Prince Charles furious
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Prince Charles and Prince William are reportedly furious with Prince Andrew who is planning to go to court and face a jury over the recent sexual abuse claims made against him.

It has recently been announced that Prince Andrew's civil trial may take place before a jury, per the Prince's request. It has been reported that the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William are 'absolutely furious' with Prince Andrew for 'bringing the Royal Family into disrepute' and the family is deeply concerned about the Prince's upcoming trial. 

A royal insider has revealed that the royals are very concerned about what will happen if Prince Andrew is left to his own devices to appear in court in front of a jury. 

The royal source told The Sun, "After the car crash of Newsnight, no one thinks a seven-hour deposition is a good idea."

The source also implied that the royal family was not consulted about Andrew's decision to demand a jury, so were surprised when the announcement was made. 

"If he were to appear in court it could be many times worse and senior royals were deeply shocked when they heard that he was demanding a jury trial," said the source.

The insider added that this issue is a particular concern for the royal family at the moment, because of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

"The best outcome for everyone is that this is settled as soon as possible. There are deep, deep worries that this will get worse and worse for the family and will overshadow Platinum Jubilee celebrations," said the source.

Although Prince Andrew firmly denies any of the allegations made against him, reports suggest that the Queen ‘at a loss’ with Prince Andrew over Virginia Giuffre allegations.

Some royal insiders have even suggested that Prince Andrew has no way back to royal life as family will ‘never let it happen.’

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