Prince William and Kate Middleton's first official joint portrait revealed - all the hidden details you may have missed

Prince William and Kate Middleton's first joint portrait has been officially revealed at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridgeshire

Prince William and Kate Middleton's first joint portrait
(Image credit: Neil Mockford / Contributor / Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate Middleton's first joint portrait has been revealed at the Fitzwilliam Museum, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the museum for the official unveiling. 

On June 23, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a museum in Cambridge to watch as their first official portrait as the future King and the future Queen consort, was unveiled.

At the event, the Duke wore a navy suit with an open pale blue shirt, Catherine matched her dapper husband and wore a blue and pink patterned dress which was matched to a pale blue duster coat, and pale blue court heels.

Kate Middleton

(Image credit: Neil Mockford / Contributor / Getty Images)

Speaking on social media, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they were 'delighted' to see this new portrait.

The Royal couple shared an image of some school children admiring the photo. This picture truly demonstrated the size of this new portrait and the impressive detail of this stunning painting.

The painter of the image, Jamie Coreth, took to social media to share the image and said that it was an 'extraordinary privilege' to paint this image of the royal couple.

"A surreal and extraordinary experience to have had my painting of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled today at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. It has been the most extraordinary privilege of my life to be chosen to paint this picture. @dukeandduchessofcambridge @fitzmuseum_uk," said the artist.

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In the painting, the Duchess is seen wearing a green Vampire's Wife dress. This was a look seen on the Duchess in March 2020, when the Duchess of Cambridge’s stunning Dublin look delighted fans as she visited the Guinness Storehouse in this sparkling emerald gown.

It seems that this portrait has been based on images taken in 2020 when the royal couple was touring Ireland, as they are both wearing the same outfits in the portrait, as they did on the tour. 

Some details in this portrait were changed from the original images, including the tone of the dress which was made to be a shade of teal rather than emerald. The Duchess' shoes and earrings were also changed and the Duchess appeared to be wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik satin pump heels rather than a plain pair of court shoes.

Kate Middleton

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The Duchess' pair of oversized earrings were also subbed out for Kate Middleton's favorite pearl earrings in the painting. This minor change showed the painter's attention to detail as he painted Catherine in a style that feels more familiar to the Duchess' go-to style.

Matching the earrings, the painter also included a pearl bracelet on the Duchess' wrist that was once part of Princess Diana's jewelry collection. This was a sweet nod towards the late Princess of Wales.

The artist also painted a brooch on the Duchess. The Cambridge Pearl Pendant brooch painted on the Duchess is one of Queen Elizabeth's brooches and shows yet another nod from the painter to another member of the Royal Family.

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