Prince William and Kate Middleton's family Christmas card has been labeled 'insensitive' by royal fans

Prince William and Kate's Christmas card has been branded as 'insensitive' by fans who are unimpressed with the family's choice of photo

William and Kate's Christmas card
(Image credit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

Prince William and Kate Middleton have released their Christmas card for 2021, but some fans have criticized the royal's 'insensitive' image as they posed for the photo while on a family holiday in Jordan.

Prince William and Kate have been critiqued by fans for their Christmas card image which shows the royal family on their summer holiday. 

Despite there being many travel restrictions in the UK that made traveling difficult, the Cambridge's were able to make a private family trip to Jordan where Kate lived for a brief period during her childhood.

Fans labeled the photo as 'insensitive' as it appears the royals are flaunting their happy year, which for many has been a huge struggle. 

"Are they actually on a dead animal?" began one fan who critiques the animal fur in the image, "And where did they galavant to in the era of COVID and lockdowns? Asking for a friend," asked one royal fan on Twitter.

A royal critic on TikTok also spoke about the implications of this image, "There are questions that could be raised about the advisability of posing for a Christmas card on an international vacation in the middle of a global pandemic." 

"I'm not saying that no one has gone on vacation," the TikToker added, "but it's just for some probably going to read as a little insensitive."

Royal journalist Elizabeth Holmes also took to social media to share her thoughts about the royal image.  "My guess is that they were intending to invoke Kate's childhood time in Jordan, Will's trip to the country in 2018, and its importance to Christianity," she said.

"I understand completely using a family vacation photo for your holiday card especially when it's a place of great meaning."

"But the staging of this photograph raised a lot of questions about their travel and prompted discussions about colonialism."

The royal expert concluded that this photo was deliberately selected by the royals as they would have had other options that were less contentious. "This is a family with plentiful resources to call a photographer at the drop of a hat and take a photo at any time aka this was not the only option," she said.

Elizabeth also commented that the "bare limbs and so much touching" is a sweet element that added to the image and showed how close the Cambridges are with one another.

Royal fans have all said the same thing about Princess Charlotte from the Cambridge’s family Christmas card as many have suggested that she bears a striking resemblance to another member of the royal family.

Unlike the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's photo, Prince Charles and Camilla’s Christmas card was praised by fans as the couple showed the trying times of the pandemic. 

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