Prince William and Catherine surprise a royal fan in the most adorable way – and it appears they have learnt a lesson from the late Queen

The Prince and Princess of Wales prove they are never too busy for a kind gesture

Prince William and Kate Middleton have made a fan's day with a sweet gesture
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Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales have made a royal fan’s day (or maybe their whole year) after they sweetly responded to a wedding invitation. The royal fan, who uses the username Katiesroyallove on X (formerly known as Twitter) shared with her followers that she invited the royal pair to her wedding earlier this year – and they actually responded! The more personalised response also suggests the pair have adopted a lesson from the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was reportedly well-known for avoiding stock responses when choosing to write back to fans.

They already had a lot on their plates, what with being the Prince and Princess of Wales and having three children.

But then King Charles went ahead and gave both Prince William and Kate Middleton new military titles.

So you’d forgive a few things slipping through the cracks. However, the Prince and Princess of Wales have made it clear that they’ll make time for fans with the latest “sweet” gesture.

The Prince and Princess of Wales make an effort to acknowledge their fans

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A royal fan, Katie Baddock, shared with her followers that she invited the pair to her wedding earlier this year, and they’ve actually responded (albeit a bit late.)

She wrote on social media platform X, “A letter from the Palace after I sent my wedding invitation to William and Catherine a few months back” and attached a screenshot of the official response, plus a photo from her wedding day.

The response read, “Dear Miss Baddock, the Prince and Princess of Wales have asked me to thank you for your letter in which you invited Their Royal Highnesses to your wedding on 7th April 2023. I sincerely apologise for the delay in response, but I trust that you understand. The Prince and Princess were extremely grateful for your kind invitation.”

It continued, “Although they were regretfully unable to attend, Their Royal Highnesses would have me send their hopes that your wedding day was a happy and memorable occasion.”

“The Prince and Princess of Wales send you their best wishes for your future together, and thank you once again for taking the time to write.”

Fans online absolutely loved the thoughtful move, with one commenting, “That is just awesome. I wouldn’t expect anything less from those two.”

Another added, “Bless their hearts and bless you and your husband too for a long and happy marriage.”

William and Kate might have picked up their latest sweet gesture from the late Queen

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William and Kate taking the time to send such a personal response could actually be a sign that they’ve picked up some expert tips from the late Queen.

MailOnline's etiquette expert William Hanson has previously explained that Her Majesty was well known for making sure fans didn’t get stock replies or the same generic responses, as a way of respecting their time.

He told Femail previously, “There is a standard wording [the Royal Family] will use for the thousands of letters they receive each week. They don't have the luxury of time to write a totally new response to everyone.”

“However, it certainly used to be the practice with the Queen that if you wrote to Her Majesty a second time, you would receive a different reply. It would not be the same as the first one, because there would be a record kept.”

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