Prince Harry’s similarities to Princess Diana shine through in these ‘selfless’ ways, but he doesn’t like to talk about himself

A body language expert explores Harry's subtle giveaways and characteristics from Netflix's Heart of Invictus

Prince Harry's similarities to Princess Diana shine through in his latest Netflix docuseries
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Prince Harry’s similarities to his mother, the late Princess Diana, really shine through in his new Netflix documentary, Heart of Invictus. A body language expert has found that, like the humanitarian Diana, Harry really opens up and sheds his “nerves” when he talks about helping others – but talking about some things leaves the Duke of Sussex drawing into himself.  

Prince Harry’s latest Netflix series, Heart of Invictus, offers a moving and eye-opening look at a cause close to the Duke’s heart.

The Invictus Games is a huge sporting event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans. The word Invictus means unconquered, chosen as an embodiment of the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick.

Harry founded the games in 2014, and his “passion” for the cause still shines bright, according to a body language expert.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton has analysed the body language of Harry throughout the new Netflix five-part series.

He explains, “Harry tends to appear a lot happier and relaxed when he’s speaking about topics that he’s passionate about, like the Invictus Games. When he started to speak about the event, I noticed that any signs of nerves dissipated.”

“At one point, he extended his arms out and displayed an open palm gesture, which are signals of honesty. This shows there is a clear change in Harry when he was asked to disclose things about himself, compared to when he was talking about his work on the Invictus Games.”

And this echoes Diana, according to the expert.

“When he was speaking about his family… he went into a totally different state of mind and you could see the passion in his eyes. Being a family man is clearly one of the most important things to him. He is selfless and truly cares about other people. Harry has got a lot of the same character traits as Princess Diana. He wants to do well and help people.”

Prince Harry's passion for helping people is captured when he talks about the Invictus Games, claims a body language expert

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However, Harry doesn’t like to talk about himself.

“At the beginning of the clip, Harry was asked to introduce himself and he took a brief pause before answering. Eventually he came up with the answer of husband, father and head of the Invictus Games.”

“When he’s asked to speak about himself, Harry tends to go slightly inwards and appears uncomfortable. We see this through very distinctive changes in his emotions and facial expressions. For example, his face went quite red and he didn’t seem as engaged.”

Princess Diana and Prince Harry share a passion for doing well and helping others, an expert explains

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Another topic that Harry isn’t comfortable with? His time with the army – which could be why he’s recently claimed he had no support after leaving the army and he found himself in the “foetal position.”

The body language expert said, “The first thing I noticed [when he talks about the army] is that he folded his arms and tucked them in, which is an extreme example of a pacifying gesture. These gestures are often used when someone feels nervous or uncomfortable. His legs were also drawn in rather than being extended out.”

“It’s almost like Harry was trying to reassure himself by bringing his whole body in.”

All five episodes of Prince Harry's Heart of Invictus are available to stream on Netflix now. 

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