Prince George said the most hilarious thing when spotted on a day out with Kate Middleton

A royal fan caught a glimpse of Prince George and Kate Middleton as they enjoyed some quality time together

Prince George
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Prince George and Kate Middleton were spotted enjoying an adorable day out together by a royal fan, who took to social media to share details of the rather hilarious encounter. 

  • Kate Middleton and Prince George were reportedly seen enjoying a bike ride together in Hyde Park, near to their London home, Kensington Palace
  • A fan of the Cambridges says she was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge and future King's sweet bonding time. 
  • This royal news comes after old footage of Princess Diana and Prince Harry showing 'pure love' between the pair was unearthed. 

Twitter user Mayleen Ramey recalled how she saw the beloved royal family members, telling her social media followers that she had almost had a "literal run-in" with Prince George, who she says was whizzing along on his bike.

"It started as a grumpy day. I was stressed and sleep-deprived, grumbling to myself as a dragged my sleepy bum to dance class in Hyde Park," she penned on the platform. 

Continuing, Mayleen recounted the hilariously cheeky thing the heir to the throne told Kate as he cycled past, while the Duchess tried to keep up.

"As I was approaching the Queen’s Gate entrance, I see a young boy on a bike racing towards me on the sidewalk, while gleefully saying 'I can’t go slower!' as his Mom chases inches behind."

Sharing details of the moment she realised just who she had seen, she went on to add, "I stop for a second to register this random, magical, royal I’ve just had an almost literal run-in with HRH Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince George! On a sidewalk! In the middle of London!!"

As the tweets gained attention from hundreds of commenters, die-hard royal fans were quick to share their scepticism, highlighting that Mayleen may have been mistaken when it comes to which Cambridge kid she saw. 

Many were convinced that it would have been Prince George's younger brother, little Prince Louis, she saw with Kate. 

Three-year-old Louis is known to be the proud owner of a bright red balance bike, as seen in the birthday portraits the Duchess shared of him in April of this year. 

Prince George was most likely at school with his sister, Princess Charlotte, at the time of the sighting, too, according to other responses. 

"I'll bet it was Louis and not George. He would have been in school," one wrote. 

"Yes!!! I bet!!! He is known to go to nursery through the park followed by his mum on the bike, where as George and Charlottes school is much further away and are taken by car," another wrote, before reminding others just how similar the blonde brothers look.

"Louis is so like his brother and tall so would be easy to mistake him."

Other Cambridge family supporters replied in awe of the lucky passer-by's experience, thrilled that she had posted it online. 

"I absolutely love this story, thank you so much for sharing it. What a wonderful thing to happen," one said. 

Another was keen to know if Mayleen had seen what fashion icon Kate was wearing for her play date to the park, asking if she was in jeans.

While Kate's $89 jeans, that she was photographed in recently, left us ready to ditch the lockdown leggings for good, Mayleen admitted she was left too flustered to notice if the future Queen consort had opted for the casual look again. 

"I’m not sure! Happened so quickly and I was in a bit of a daze after," she penned. 

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