Royal fans are loving the Queen's hilarious reaction to Prince George's vigorous mixing

Prince George and the Queen

Prince George joined three generations of his family for a royal event last week, but it's the reaction of his great-grandmother the Queen that royal fans are loving.

The special royal event - which marked the first time ever Prince George was pictured in royal duty - was revealed last week, when the official Royal Family Twitter account shared snaps of the event.

And on Christmas Day, during the Queen's speech, royal fans got to see video footage of the special day.

The clip has since widely shared on social media, and viewers couldn't help but notice the hilarious reaction the Queen had when her great-grandson started mixing the ingredients.

While all three of them seem bemused by Prince George's cooking talents at first, the Queen and Prince Charles share a concerned look when he begins to smash the wooden spoon hard into the mixture.

Likely worried they'll get some of the mix on their pristine outfits, the pair quickly back away into safety.

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Reacting to the video, one fan said, 'Love the way Her Majesty shuffles Prince Charles off when George starts stabbing at the cake mixing hard lol 😂 proper Granny ; lovely Video #QueensSpeech'.

Another wrote, 'I think that’s a ‘take cover Charles’ moment.'

A third added, 'Absolutely normal grandma behaviour. I wouldn’t want Christmas pudding all over my dress either.'

The puddings Prince George helped prepare will be distributed by the The Royal British Legion across the UK and the Commonwealth next year, when the charity celebrates its 99th year.

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