Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis predicted to head future monarchy as 'collective' trio

Royal experts believe that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will 'break tradition' and work together

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte in a carriage procession - George Charlotte Louis collective
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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are being raised to 'lead the monarchy as a trio' and will ditch the 'lost spare' narrative, a royal expert predicts. 

  • While Prince Harry has been open about the fact he felt the 'spare' when it came to growing up with future King, Prince William, royal experts predict this won't happen to the Wales children.
  • It's been predicted that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will 'work together' as they grow up to head the royal family as a 'collective'
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Prince George may be heir to the throne in the royal line of succession, but this doesn't mean his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will become 'lost spares,' according to one royal author.

Royal expert Kate Nicholl has said that because of his status as heir, George faces “more pressure” than Charlotte and Louis - something Kate is concerned about for the upcoming Coronation.

The Daily Express reports that Katie said, "This is something William and Kate are acutely aware of. George knows that, like his Papa, he will one day be king." But the three of them will reportedly work together.

It was recently revealed that Prince Louis will have a role in King Charles' Coronation, something The Mirror royal expert, Angela Mollard, says is a purposeful effort not to make Prince Louis feel left out.

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She said, "George needs to be braced and supported by his siblings. The whole brand of the Waleses is very much ‘We’re a family, we do it all together. We do not want an offshoot like Harry in the future. It’s going to make sure that Louis has a memory of the Coronation, so when his big brother takes on that role, he and Charlotte are there to support him.”

Adding to this, royal author Tom Quinn insists that William and Kate have learned from the past and will take steps to ensure that Louis won’t fall into the trap of “lost spares” that have come before him.

He said, "I think because the royal family is now so aware of the mistakes that they’ve made in the past, especially with bringing up children, I think they will make enormous efforts to make sure that Louis doesn’t feel like a lost soul."

Tom added, "I think it will be easier for Kate and William to ensure that happens, partly because the world has changed so much. Even since William and Harry were young, the world’s changed a great deal.”

George Charlotte Louis collective

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Royal expert Kinsey Schofield has also waded in on the speculation that the "spare" dynamic will be no longer, explaining, "I don’t think that it’s going to happen to Prince William’s children. I believe this is where they’re going to break the cycle. I think they’re going to stop with the spare talk, and I think the ‘necessity’ for a spare ends now.”

Instead, the three Wales children will break tradition and work as a trio to head the future monarchy, with royal author Pauline Maclaran revealing, "A more collective approach could be quite popular, why just have one figurehead? Maybe the emphasis will move more towards the family side. 

"Particularly with the three Wales children, the emphasis could be less on the individual and more on the three of them. Of course, constitutionally, they cannot all be kings and queens, but I can see clearer roles for the three Wales children being thought out.”

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