Prince George, Charlotte, and Louis at risk of ‘heightened levels of anxiety’ due to paparazzi, warns psychotherapist

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children could be at risk of long-term health issues because of 'frightening' paparazzi

George, Charlotte, and Louis at risk of ‘heightened levels of anxiety’ due to paparazzi, warns psychotherapist
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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis could face 'heightened levels of anxiety' in public because of 'frightening' paparazzi experiences, a psychotherapist has warned. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children could suffer from 'heightened levels of anxiety' because of their exposure to the paparazzi, a psychotherapist has warned. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always been intentional about safeguarding the privacy of Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte 7, and four-year-old Prince Louis ‒a decision that they reportedly made well before welcoming their firstborn in 2013. 

With the exception of their heavy visibility at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier this month, the Cambridge children stay mostly out of the spotlight, appearing at just a handful of royal events every year while their A-list parents take center stage. 

It's understood that they enjoy a relatively ordinary childhood, mixing with non-famous pupils at their regular (albeit pricey) London primary school and enjoying no-fuss pleasures like art, baking, music, and sport in their home of Kensington Palace

But despite William and Kate's best efforts to give George, Charlotte, and Louis as normal an upbringing as possible, it hasn't always been possible to fend off the prying eyes of the British paparrazi. 


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A video showing Prince William's 'confrontation' with a photographer near Amner Hall leaked online last week, in a privacy breach that has since been condemned by Kensington Palace. The clip, which was reportedly filmed in January 2021, shows the future King reprimanding a rogue photographer after accusing him of following his wife and their three children on a private bike ride on the grounds of Sandringham House. The circulation of the video quickly sparked a heated dialogue on the rights of celebrity children in public, especially those with parents as high-profile as Kate and William. 

It has also given way to discussion on the impact of paparazzi on young minds ‒ both in the moment and long term. 

"I've no doubt this incident would have unsettled them and led to the need for comfort and reassurance from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," Carly Webb, Psychotherapist and Founder of Vitus Wellbeing, tells woman&home.

"The act of being approached by paparazzi, especially when unexpected, can be incredibly frightening for young children.


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"Children learn about the world from those around them and their direct experiences, so events such as these will teach them the mistrust of others and to always be 'on guard'." 

Webb also detailed how the Cambridge children's exposure to paparazzi could make them wary of the outside world, which, over time, may manifest in mental health issues. 

"George, Charlotte, and Louis will know not to relax in public and may experience heightened levels of anxiety surrounding day-to-day outings and activities," she explains. 

A potential outcome of this anxiety is the "splitting" of their "characters", which involves "creating a new identity that is carefully curated and can be captured by photographers at any moment, while hiding vulnerabilities from the public eye." 

As for what William and Kate can do to help their children now and in the future, Webb advises that they "respond calmly in the moment, to reassure the children that they are safe and to offer further support if needed." 

"While children may not wish to be in the public eye, they will cope far better if the foundations of their relationship with their parents are strong and the children are given the space to explore their feelings and feel heard," she added. 

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