Prince Charles appears to fall asleep at Barbados ceremony as he sparks concern among royal fans

Prince Charles struggled to stay alert during the historic event on Monday evening

Prince Charles falling asleep in Barbados worries royal fans
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Prince Charles appeared to fall asleep during a recent ceremony to mark Barbados’ transition to becoming a republic, much to the concern of royal fans. 

The Prince of Wales looked to be battling serious fatigue during his latest public engagement, which saw him attend Barbados’ ceremony to become a republic after almost 400 years of British rule. 

The Caribbean Island’s new status was officially announced at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, in a grandiose street celebration in its capital of Bridgetown. Dame Sandra Mason, the governor-general, was sworn in as president, while musical superstar Rihanna was awarded the prestigious title of 'national hero of Barbados'. 

Charles’ attendance at the momentous occasion marks the first time a member of the Royal Family has watched one of its former colonies withdraw from the British monarchy. It's been reported that both the Queen and Prince Charles feel 'sadness' and 'regret' over the severed ties, but 'understand' that it is time for Barbados to move on in their pursuit of sovereignty.

While the atmosphere at the event was undeniably electric, it seems not everyone was able to keep their energies up. 

Prince Charles falling asleep at Barbados ceremony 2021

Prince Charles looked very sleep at the Barbados ceremony on Monday evening 

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Prince Charles appeared to be struggling to stay awake throughout the ceremony, which started at 7.30 pm on Monday and lasted into the early hours of Tuesday morning. The 72-year-old was photographed looking notably dozy at multiple points of the event and even seemed to nod off altogether at one moment. 

Royal fans were quick to point out the future King’s weary state, with some worrying that his hectic schedule is beginning to take a toll on him.

“Charles appears to be slow, tired, and physically weak,” one person wrote. “This must have been so hard for him. He has been under much pressure throughout his life. It is beginning to show. Hoping for the best for him." 

"You can tell Prince Charles has been working long hours, he looks as though he almost dozed off in the first bit, poor guy," another concerned fan commented. 

This isn't the first time the Prince of Wales has drifted off at an important engagement. Charles appeared to fall asleep during the Queen's speech at the opening of Parliament in 2019, just one year after he was accused of taking a quick nap at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding at Windsor Castle. His habit of public dozing is believed to be linked to his rigorous work ethic, which sometimes leaves him skipping sleep in favor of his royal duties.  

"He does need to slow down, this is a man who has dinner ridiculously late at night," Prince Harry revealed in the 2018 BBC documentary, Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70. "And then goes to his desk later that night and will fall asleep on his notes to the point of where he'll wake up with a piece of paper stuck to his face." 

"The man never stops," Prince William agreed. "I mean when we were kids there were bags and bags and bags of work that the office just sent to him. We could barely even get to his desk to say goodnight to him." 

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