Prince Charles and Prince Edward 'rally around' each other as the Queen skips Royal Ascot

The brothers looked 'pensive'

Prince Charles and Prince Edward at Royal Ascot
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Prince Charles and Prince Edward shared moments of both "concern" and "mutual support" at Royal Ascot 2021, according to a psychologist. 

The royal family have put on a united front at Royal Ascot this week, in what is being deemed their first official social outing as a family following Prince Philip's death in March.

While the Queen has been notably absent from the horse-racing event, two of her sons—Prince Charles and Prince Edward—have been in attendance, putting on a display for royal fans. 

Psychologist and body language expert, Judi James, has exclusively revealed to woman&home that their behavior tells quite the tale, of two brothers "rallying around" each other in the wake of their father's death and their mother's mysterious absence.

Prince Charles and Prince Edward at Royal Ascot

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Just hours after proving he and Camilla struggled with their face masks in a rare candid moment, Prince Charles and his youngest brother, Edward—Earl of Wessex—were pictured in quite an intimate embrace, in what looks to be an intense conversation.

Explaining the dynamics behind their body language, Judi says, 'With their backs to the cameras and in what looks like a much more private moment, there do seem to be expressions of concern and touch gestures of what looks like mutual support."

With the royal family still reeling from the fall-out from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Oprah interview, as well as the tragic loss of Prince Philip in recent months, it's no surprise conversation appears to have turned serious at Royal Ascot.

Prince Charles and Prince Edward at Royal Ascot

Prince Charles offers a helping hand to Duchess Camilla 

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Judi explains, "Edward’s eye shape is more rounded here, which can be an expression of grief, and he seems to have prompted a supportive pat on the bicep from Charles and looks of what appear to be concern from both Charles and the other man with them."

"As Charles dips his head the support and concern signals look mutual. Edward cups his hand under his brother’s elbow as the two men perform a truncated hug ritual."

Aside from this candid moment in which the brothers have been photographed in deep conversation, Judi says the royals are doing their best to put on a brave face at Royal Ascot—"aware they are facing cameras " at any point.

She adds, "In the wake of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death and, poignantly, with the Queen missing the event for the first time in years, the next generation of royals appear to be displaying mixed emotions as they rally round one another at Ascot."


Prince Charles and Prince Edward at Royal Ascot

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The future King—who has big plans for the royal family when he takes over from the Queen, including downsizing from Buckingham Palace and stream-lining the monarchy—is leaning more on Camilla than ever before, according to Judi.

"Camilla also appears to be moving slightly closer to her husband to silently offer support. She normally stands behind and apart from Charles at public events but here we can see her leaning in much closer, against Charles’ back and arm."

It follows reports that Prince Philip's last message to Prince Charles was to "look after the Queen" as the pair had a final bedside heart-to-heart.

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