Meghan Markle’s reported friendship fallouts were likely caused by this relatable issue that everyone has experienced with old pals

An expert believes Meghan 'outgrew' certain friendships after developing 'different values'

Meghan Markle - Meghan Markle’s reported friendship fall-outs
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A relationship expert has claimed that Meghan Markle's reported friendship fallouts were likely caused by a relatable problem understood by many people rather than any changes prompted by her introduction to royal life. 

Falling out with friends can be a difficult aspect of life, but it's inevitable as the values you hold change and those of old friends don't. Meghan Markle seemingly knows this better than most as both she and her husband Prince Harry have been forced to cut off ties with once close pals. 

From David and Victoria Beckham to Piers Morgan to Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, the couple no longer associate with many of their former friends. But rather than this being caused by what many publications have referred to as 'rifts' or 'arguments,' one relationship expert has cited a much quieter and natural reason behind the old friendships dying off. 

Speaking about the likely causes behind Meghan's reported fallouts, relationship expert Kate Mansfield told The Mirror that Meghan had probably simply 'outgrown' her previous friendships as she had aged and developed different interests to her old friends.

She said, "People who value growth and personal development often grow out of friends and connections over the years, as they change to the point that they no longer have much in common with old friends.

Harry and Meghan - Meghan Markle’s reported friendship fall-outs

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"This can be down to different values, lifestyle and interests - all of which profoundly and most certainly apply to Megan's journey into becoming a royal." 

The expert noted that many of Meghan's previous friendships began before she met and married Prince Harry, had two children, and became more involved with charity work. All these factors, the expert says, likely changed Meghan's personal values into ones that no longer connected with those of older friends. 

The comments come just days after Meghan was spotted out with friends with her engagement ring noticeably missing from her finger. However, this move, rather than hinting at anything to do with her and Prince Harry's relationship, was likely a hint at Meghan's new values, the same values causing her previous friendship fallouts. 

Relationship expert Louella Anderson told The Mirror US, "Meghan Markle has always had her own unique sense of style. It's possible that her decision to change or remove the engagement ring reflects her evolving taste or desire for something different.

"She's not over the top about her jewellery and usually chooses to keep her look quite simple and classic. Taking off the ring could be her way of expressing this personal preference for a less flashy look."

Meghan Markle’s reported friendship fallouts

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Or, the expert says, the decision to sitch the jewel could be caused by more practical problems. She said, "Meghan's engagement ring was particularly large and may have been uncomfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis. It could be practicality that has caused her to take off the ring and opt for something more comfortable. 

"A ring like this could get in the way of everyday activities such as grocery shopping, working out, or looking after kids. Given the size of the ring, there is a high chance she chose to take it off for this reason.

"Furthermore, lots of people might not want to walk around with a £156,000 ring on their finger. They might feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing so. It could also appear out of touch to be flashing such an expensive item on a day-to-day basis. Meghan Markle could be one of these people and may have decided to remove the ring for this reason.

"There is speculation that Meghan has removed her engagement ring as a symbol of her and Prince Harry's relationship status potentially being rocky. However, it's clear Meghan Markle still has a ring on her wedding finger. It's just a much more understated and practical piece of jewellery and one that is likely more suited to her personal tastes."

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