Meghan Markle's cat impression to 'entertain' Archie and Lilibet stuns royal fans

Meghan Markle played a singing cat during her hilarious street prank on Ellen

Meghan Markle's cat impression to 'entertain' Archie and Lilibet stuns royal fans
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New parents, take note—Meghan Markle has shared the hilarious 'trick' she uses 'entertain' Lilibet and Archie when they're feeling down. 

The Duchess of Sussex has shown off her natural acting skills in her first live TV appearance since moving back to the US, delighting fans with her cringe-worthy—albeit hilarious—impression of a singing cat on the streets of sunny Los Angeles. 

It's no secret that Meghan Markle left Suits, the highly popular legal drama, in 2018, to marry Prince Harry and embrace a new career as a full-time working royal. 

The 40-year-old has not acted professionally now in three years, but if last night's performance is anything to go by, a Hollywood comeback could very well be on the horizon. 

Meghan Markle playing a cat on Ellen

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Meghan morphed into the feline creature as part of a prank segment on the Ellen show on Thursday, in which she was instructed to repeat everything host DeGeneres said to her through a hidden earpiece. 

The hysterical stunt saw her unleash a number of antics on three unassuming vendors, all of whom had been pre-warned by the Duchess's 'executive assistant' to treat the royal icon like a 'normal person.' This advice was easier said than done, however, as Meghan—who was dressed elegantly in a hot pink gown and white coat—began to behave increasingly strangely upon arriving at the stalls. 

After ordering her to recite the line, 'I have healing powers' and eat the food samples 'like a chipmunk', Ellen told the Duchess to reach into her handbag. The former actor retrieved a baby's milk bottle and was told to drink it, much to the bemusement of the vendors. And just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, Meghan and her 'assistant' were then both instructed to put on a pair of cat ears and deliver an impromptu song. 

"This is what I do for my kids to cheer them up," Meghan said, before launching into a rather bizarre musical gig—orchestrated by Ellen, of course. "I'm a kitten, mew, mew, mew," she sings. "You're a kitten, mew, mew, mew." 

She proceeded to gift her cat ears to the vendor, before resuming her rendition of the feline-themed tune. It's at this point that Ellen mercifully brought the prank to an end, arriving on the scene to alert the sellers that they'd been royally punked. 

Meghan's performance in the prank has been widely praised by viewers of the NBC chat show, with many hailing the former TV star's magnetic on-screen presence. 

"I was thinking, wow she is really good at this, then I remembered she is an actress," one Youtube viewer wrote. 

Others commended her all-in attitude to the stunt, emphasizing that not everyone would have the courage to humiliate themselves like this in public. 

"Credit to Meghan for doing everything Ellen said straight away, I know I definitely wouldn't have been able to and lots of others wouldn't either, showed great sport both Meghan and the vendors👏🏼🤣💛" another person wrote. 

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