Meghan Markle 'worried' that King Charles could change how she 'introduces herself' in public, says royal insider

Meghan Markle continues to go by 'Duchess of Sussex' despite her withdrawal from the Royal Family with Prince Harry in 2020

Meghan Markle 'worried' that King Charles could change how she 'introduces herself' in public, says royal insider
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Meghan Markle could be 'worried' about how she'll introduce herself in public, following reports that King Charles III has threatened to remove her 'Duchess of Sussex' title. 

  • Meghan Markle's public persona could change forever if King Charles III is unhappy with the revelations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's upcoming documentary and book, according to a royal insider. 
  • His Majesty has reportedly threatened to have the couple 'ostracized' from the Royal Family over the content of their Netflix documentary and Prince Harry's memoir, Spare.
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King Charles III's warnings to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could leave Meghan Markle 'worried' about the future of her public persona, a royal insider has claimed. 

His Majesty has reportedly threatened to take drastic action over the material in the A-list couple's postponed Netflix documentary and Prince Harry's memoir, entitled, Spare, after growing increasingly frustrated by their continued 'slander' of the Royal Family. It's understood that King Charles III could strip his son and daughter-in-law's royal titles if the revelations in the upcoming projects are "too damaging" – a penalty that could have major consequences for Meghan, in particular. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II gave the former Suits actor the title 'the Duchess of Sussex' when she married Prince Harry in May 2018, officially elevating her from US commoner to a senior position in the British Royal Family. She received multiple patronages alongside the title, all of which have since been redistributed to her England-based in-laws. 

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Meghan has continued to use the regal moniker despite the couple's withdrawal from the Royal Family and emigration to the US in 2020, a decision which has been met with heavy backlash from her UK critics. 

Royal author Tom Bower has now revealed that the couple's titles "could be taken away by Charles if they misbehave." 

"That is something Meghan and Harry are very worried about because after all, although she pours dirt in the Royal Family the whole time, whenever she introduces herself she says: 'I am Meghan, Duchess of Sussex,'" the writer told the Mirror

If Meghan's royal title was to be scrapped, she would have to go back to being called 'Meghan Markle.' 

While it remains unclear just how far King Charles will go if the Sussexes continue to publicly criticize the Royal Family, it's understood that he's prepared to completely isolate them from the institution. 

"He has made various threats to Meghan and Harry and warned them that if they go ahead they will find themselves ostracised in a way they cannot believe," Bower added. 

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