Meghan Markle uses this secret signal when she wants Prince Harry to stop talking, expert says

An expert has revealed that Meghan Markle uses this secret signal to command her husband Prince Harry when they are in public

Meghan Markle uses this secret signal
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Meghan Markle uses this secret signal to command Prince Harry when they are in public and she wants him to stop talking or move on, says a body language expert.

The Body Language Guy, Jesús Enrique Rosas, has revealed on his YouTube channel the subtle ways that Meghan and Harry communicate while they are in public. 

The Express reported that in the run-up to their royal departure, Meghan used a variety of non-verbal signals to 'stop Harry from talking.' 

Jesús said, “Meghan and Harry were attending the Wellchild Awards back in 2019, and they were talking to some of the families attending."

"And I think this was the last family they were talking to because they were sitting along a wall, and this was at the far corner, and in fact, it was the end of the video," he suggested.

The Body Language Guy added the key factor that he couldn't ignore. “But Harry was still talking to them, in a quite engaging way," he said. "And then Meghan just stands up and literally, and silently commands Harry to stop and stand up just using her body language." 

However, it seems that this isn't a one-off situation, as Jesús explained, "This is not the only time she’s been caught in camera interrupting Harry out cold.” 

Meghan Markle

Meghan and Harry at the Wellchild Awards 2019

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Jesús continued to reveal that this subtle body language between the couple has been evident on many occasions before they stepped down from their royal duties.

“There’s the [Commonwealth Day 2019] video where she does exactly the same, or the red dress video [their visit to the Annual Salute to Freedom Gala in New York City, November 10, 2021] where she uses that hand cue to get Harry going and of course, the direct ‘shut your mouth’ in Oprah’s interview," said the expert.

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“So, Meghan controlling Harry’s behavior, in the most public way possible, is nothing new," the expert explained. "But this time [at the Wellchild Awards] is interesting because there were previous clues that foreshadowed this."

Seemingly, the video shows a few key signifiers as to what is really going on in the Duchess' mind.

Addressing one moment in particular Jesús added, “Such as when the nice lady hands them two bracelets. Can you spot the reaction in Meghan’s face? Yes, there’s her classic jaw clenching. And I don’t think there was any valid reason for her to express that emotional display at that moment.” 

Jesús added, “This is one of the reasons I always mention that one of the first skills you have to develop when reading body language is to pay attention to where the action is."

Alongside this, he noticed a few further signs.

"In situations like this," the expert suggested, "it is really common to look at the hands getting the bracelet, but where the real action is, is on the face." 

He added, “On the other hand, pun intended, when she was listening to the lady talking, you can spot that her hands were restless, as she was pinching the flesh right beside her nails."

“That’s a common signal of anxiety and impatience, and really easy to spot. It doesn’t help at this moment, her smile was not the most genuine…her cheeks lack that pressure into her eyes," concluded the expert. 

Meghan and Harry are not the only members of the royal family to rely on non-verbal communication when they are out in public. 

For many years, the Queen has used secret signals to help bring conversations to a close. Her Majesty relies on her trusty aides to read her body language and interrupt her conversations so that she can move on.

As well as using body language to communicate the members of the royal family have secret code words so that they can escape awkward interactions without making too much of a public fuss. Perhaps Prince Harry and Meghan picked up some of these handy tips from their royal relatives who helped them communicate privately while in the spotlight. 

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