Queen's big change at Sandringham—HRH announces gift for her loyal subjects

Her Majesty, the Queen, has just announced a big change at Sandringham House that she has made on behalf of her subjects

Queen's big change at Sandringham
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The Queen's big change at Sandringham has not gone unnoticed by fans who appreciate Her Majesty's sacrifice on behalf of her people.

Although the Queen lives across her homes Buckingham Palace in London, Windsor Castle in Berkshire, and occasionally Balmoral in Scotland, her home in Sandringham has a particularly special meaning to Her Majesty who loves to spend special occasions at this Norfolk property.

It has just been announced that the Queen is making a sacrifice and opening up the gardens of this house to the public two months early so that the public can enjoy the lovely grounds.

Aerial view of Queen Elizabeth II's Country residence, Sandringham Hall on October 3, 2006 in Sandringham, England. This Jacobean Country house is surrounded by 20,000 acres of Norfolk parkland.

Sandringham House

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A social media post from the home showed a lovely wintery scene of snowdrops peeking through the grass with the grand home in the background.

The caption of the post read, "Delicate snowdrops peeping through bring a sign that spring is on its way!"

"The Gardens are opening two months earlier than usual for February Half Term (12-20), then weekends in February and March."

Sandringham House gardens are usually open much later in the year so this is a particular treat for tourists in the UK this February half term. Sandringham House itself and St Mary Magdalene Church will all reopen later in the year on 9 April 2022.

Many of the Queen's homes are available to visit and for the most part, the Queen is totally undisturbed by the visitors and tourists who come to visit her enormous properties across the UK.

Sandringham House in Norfolk has special memories associated with it for the Queen as she spent a lot of time there with he late father when she was growing up. For this reason, the Queen marked a bittersweet milestone tradition at this home as she commemorated the 70th anniversary of her father's death at this property.

Although she spent the last two Christmases at Windsor Castle because of the pandemic, this is also the home where the Queen and the rest of the royal family typically celebrate the Christmas festivities.

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