Meghan Markle linked to iconic movie sequel originally intended for Princess Diana

Meghan Markle has been reportedly linked to a potential film role that Princess Diana was once approached about

Meghan Markle is reportedly being eyed up to star in The Bodyguard remake
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Rumors suggest that Meghan Markle is being considered to star in a sequel to 1992’s The Bodyguard. The movie, which originally starred Whitney Houston as a world-famous singer being protected by Kevin Costner, was a phenomenal success, meaning a sequel was always up for consideration. And, indeed, a sequel was considered decades ago – with the role Meghan Markle is being reportedly lined up for intended for Princess Diana.

The Bodyguard is one of the most iconic movies of its time. Released in 1992, the movie showcased the acting and singing abilities of one of the world’s brightest stars, Whitney Houston.

The soundtrack, which included Whitney’s now immortal version of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, still holds the title for the best-selling film soundtrack of all time.

And now it’s been rumored that a sequel could very well be in the works, with Meghan Markle becoming the new star protected by Kevin Costner’s bodyguard.

Prince Harry is used to acting like Meghan's bodyguard

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Playing on her tumultuous time as a royal, the Duchess of Sussex in the role of someone in the eye of a constant press storm certainly feels apt, especially following their alleged near crash earlier this year – but she’s not actually the first royal considered for the sequel.

Kevin Costner has previously confirmed that Diana, the late Princess of Wales was the original intended star of a sequel.

Speaking to PeopleTV in 2012, Kevin Costner confirmed that he, Diana, and the producers were in the stages of getting the project off the ground.

Princess Diana faced press attention on another level before her death in 1997

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“The studio liked the idea of doing a Bodyguard 2,” he said, with Diana taking on a role “in the same kind of capacity as Whitney. Nobody really knew that for about a year.”

The Dancing With Wolves actor also explained that the plot would have involved his character protecting Diana from stalkers and paparazzi before their relationship turned romantic.

Spookily, he said a first script for the project arrived on his desk the day before Diana’s untimely death on August 31, 1997.

Kevin also revealed what Diana said about the project, and one of her questions involved smooching the actor.

“I just remember her being incredibly sweet on the phone, and she asked the question, ‘Are we going to have, like a kissing scene?’” he recalled. “She said it in a very respectful … she was a little nervous because her life was very governed. And I said, ‘Yeah, there’s going to be a little bit of that, but we can make that OK too.’”

Fergie reportedly encouraged Princess Diana to enter talks to star in the sequel

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And it was none other than Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York who reportedly talked Diana into discussing the project.

While the rumors the project might still go ahead with Diana’s daughter-in-law taking the role meant for her are buzzing around, one journalist with Hollywood connections has hit out at them.

Kinsey Schofield has dismissed any notion that producers are lining up to cast Meghan, suggesting she’s on “everybody's no-hire list” at the moment.

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV, she said, “I think that this is the biggest crock of you know what, I won't say it, this is a family show. But the audacity of somebody to start this rumor.”

“There is no way in hell that Kevin Costner is picking up the phone and calling Meghan Markle, saying 'I want to make this iconic sequel with you'. She is on everybody's no-hire list right now.”

Suggestions of a tainted brand follow the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s $20M Spotify brand has come to an end, with one Spotify exec slamming them as “grifters.”

The couple was also perceived to have been snubbed by the Emmys, as their bombshell Netflix docuseries was not nominated in any categories.

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