King Charles’s ongoing ‘mocking’ joke he loved is actually pretty hilarious

Even King Charles has made some sly quips over the years

King Charles III
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King Charles has proven himself to be a bit of a jokester toward the press, according to royal expert Jennie Bond, who recently revealed a rather cheeky comment he used to make toward her. 

King Charles III has had a few rather cheeky moments that we've enjoyed witnessing over the years - for example, does anyone remember that one time he gave the weather report on live TV?

Recently, royal expert Jennie Bond talked to woman&home exclusively about her predictions for the royals' upcoming holiday season, including who would be attending the gatherings, the reason for King Charles "great sadness," and more - but there was one tidbit of information she shared that we found rather hilarious. 

She mentioned how, any time she's interacted with Charles in the past, he's always made a point to make comments about her shoes in a coy yet respectful way. 

"During my many years following him around the world, Charles loved to mock my footwear - admittedly white stilettos were usually hopelessly unsuitable for the given terrain," Jennie told us. 

"He would lean out of his car,pointing at my feet: 'Ah, wrong shoes again, I see!' he would chuckle," she recalled, citing the handful of times they met in person on various royal engagements. 

She said that, most of all, comments such as these made her feel "noticed" - and who wouldn't want to be noticed by royalty?

"It was harmless fun- and made me feel noticed," she said. 

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She compared this witty banter she has with King Charles to the relationships he shares with other members of the royal family, and how he'll be strengthening those relationships this Christmas in part with humour. 

"In just that same way, the King will make his Sandringham fans feel appreciated, and their Christmas complete, when he stops to chat, tells a little joke, points and rocks back on his heels," she said. 

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Although some members of the family could make surprise appearances (according to Jennie, Prince Andrew could be extended an invitation, as well as the "vibrant" Sarah Ferguson), while others like Harry and Meghan will not be attending. However, despite some hiccups, Jennie believes that the King will be able to look back on this upcoming Christmas with "justified satisfaction."

"With the wife he so clearly adores at his side, and most of his family around him, the King has every reason to enjoy his Christmas and look back on the first year of his reign with justified satisfaction," she concluded.

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