The 'elephant in the room' set to cause 'great sadness' for King Charles this Christmas

King Charles is set to be tainted with sadness over something in particular, according to a royal expert

King Charles great sadness Christmas
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There is an 'elephant in the room' set to cause 'great sadness' for King Charles this Christmas, according to a royal expert. 

Around Christmastime, the royal family gathers and enjoys some much needed time together at the Sandringham Estate - and according to royal expert Jennie Bond, who spoke exclusively to woman&home, this holiday season is likely set to be much more relaxed than past years for the family. 

"Christmas for the Royal Family under [King Charles'] reign is likely to be a slightly more relaxed and boisterous affair than in the time of the late Queen," she explained.

They will indulge in all of their usual Christmas traditions, including gathering at Sandringham for the special week - however, Jennie said there will be a great "elephant in the room" this time around, set to bring the family, but particularly King Charles, sadness. 

King Charles great sadness Christmas

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"The elephant in the room…or rather, very much not in the room — will of course be Prince Harry and his family. And that will remain a great sadness for the King, who loves his son, in spite of all that has happened," she said. 

But still, even with the loss of Harry and Meghan, Jennie says that she predicts the royal Christmas will still be filled with giggles and fun traditions, especially with new babies like Ernest, the months old son of Princess Eugenie. "With the ever-expanding gang of royal babies, Sandringham will be full of giggles, toddler tantrums and pure, rollicking joy," Jennie continued.

"I’m sure the whole family will find the youngsters' excitement irresistibly contagious."

King Charles great sadness Christmas

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Additionally, there are speculations of whether Prince Andrew, and consequentially, Sarah Ferguson will be invited, in light of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Jennie says that Andrew will be involved in the Christmas family gathering, and although he is no longer married to Sarah Ferguson, she is "good fun" and the pair are known to have a good friendship.

"Eyebrows might be raised that Prince Andrew is included, but he has consistently been invited to family gatherings like this, in spite of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. And it would be churlish to exclude his ex-wife and 'bestest friend' Sarah, especially when she is still recovering from breast cancer," Jennie further explained.

"Besides which, Sarah is good fun; a vibrant addition to any party, and it would be heartless to separate her from her daughters and grandchildren at Christmas."

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