King Charles unfazed by protestors with 'not our King' signs as he shows 'stoicism is in his DNA'

King Charles was unfazed by protesters who greeted him with anti-monarchy signs during a royal engagement in Milton Keynes

King Charles unfazed
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King Charles was unfazed as he was greeted by protesters in Milton Keynes claims a body language expert who suggested that 'stoicism is in Charles’s DNA'.

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, King Charles arrived in Milton Keynes and attended a reception with members of the local community and organizations and The Church of Christ the Cornerstone.

While the day was one of celebration to mark Milton Keynes's new status as a city, there were some people in the crowd who used this event as an opportunity to protest the monarchy. The King was greeted by a number of people from the pressure group Republic, who were holding anti-monarchy signs.

However, rather than becoming flustered, one body language expert has claimed that the King, whose coronation will take place in May of this year, was unfazed by these protesters and took the anti-monarchy signs in his stride.

King Charles unfazed

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Body language expert, Judi James, told woman&home, "The only one thing that phases Charles and obtains any form of negative reaction from him in public is a leaky pen."

"Stoicism is in Charles’s DNA and he has been pelted by eggs and even shot at with blanks during an appearance on stage in Sydney in 1994 with absolutely no reaction whatsoever, especially not any signs of being startled or shaken," said the expert.

Judi explained that for the King, appearing unflappable is a "matter of pride and honor".

"Camilla did once look anxious when she sat beside him in the royal limo as a protest went on outside the London Palladium as they arrived for the Royal Variety Show but Charles, who grew up with a sister who barely blinked when her car was ambushed in the Mall, must take it as a matter of pride and honor to ignore any negative protests," said Judi.

The expert concluded that actually, the protesters in the crowd only added to the King's warmth while delivering his speech later in the day, saying, "If anything, Charles seemed to add an even warmer smile to his speech, which was delivered with no suggestion of having been rattled."

In a heartfelt speech during the Milton Keynes visit, the King said, "As you mark your well-deserved status as one of England’s newest cities, I can only offer my heartfelt congratulations and my very best wishes for the future."

The King also received a warm reception on social media as commenters praised the King for attending this royal engagement and interacting so warmly with the members of the public.

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