King Charles pairs red tartan kilt with out-there socks and fans can't get enough, 'can it get any more adorable'

King Charles' red tartan kilt delighted fans in Aberdeen as the monarch wore traditional Scottish clothing to a royal engagement

King Charles' red tartan kilt
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The King decided to wear traditional Scottish garments to a recent event in Aberdeen.

King Charles III is known to occasionally wear a kilt when he is attending royal engagements in Scotland. For the King, Monday was another opportunity to show his solidarity with the Scottish people as he attended an event in a kilt.

On his top half, the King wore a brown tweed suit with a green and red tie. Matching the tie, Charles wore a red tartan kilt that had lines of forest green running throughout the print. The King also paired this look with thick green knee-high socks, which he also used to store the dagger which is a traditional accessory when wearing a kilt.

King Charles

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Fans loved the look with many taking to social media to compliment Charles. "I love the way the King dresses in Scotland to show his love of the country and heritage," said one fan.

"The King in a tartan with a cuppa in his hand. can it get any more adorable?" said another. "Charles looks wonderful in a kilt," added yet another.

For others, this attire raised a few questions. "Is he always going to show up in a kilt now? Like a uniform?" said one fan. In all likelihood the King will continue to wear kilts when it is appropriate to do so, this will most likely be when he is attending a formal event in Scotland.

Another added that they hoped the Prince of Wales would also follow in his father's footsteps. "❤️❤️❤️ love to see HM wearing kilts when in Scotland. Would love to see William too," said the commenter. Prince William has not been seen in a kilt, and it is unclear if he will follow in his father's footsteps and also choose to wear this attire when visiting Scotland in the future.

Since becoming King, Charles has broken with Queen Elizabeth's royal tradition as he sells the Queen's racehorses in his latest move to 'scale back' the British monarchy. It was also revealed that in a similar break with tradition, King Charles won't move into Buckingham Palace for at least five years.

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