King Charles' final night as Prince of Wales included 'glass of fizz' and 'music in the tapestry room', close friend reveals

King Charles hosted a dinner with drinks and live entertainment for about 50 guests at Dumfries House on the evening before the Queen died

King Charles enjoyed 'glass of fizz' and music at Dumfries House on night before Queen's death
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King Charles III enjoyed a 'glass of fizz' and listened to music at Dumfries House in Scotland the night before the Queen died, his close friend has revealed. 

King Charles III spent his final night as the Prince of Wales at Dumfries House in Scotland with drinks and music, according to his close friend. 

The relaxing evening marked the calm before the storm for the 73-year-old, who woke up the following day (September 8) to the devastating news that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was dying at Balmoral Castle. By mid-afternoon, Her Majesty had passed away, with Charles automatically succeeding her as the 62nd monarch of Britain. 

A close friend of the King, who was with Charles at Dumfries House on the night before the Queen's death, has now shared details about how the royal heir spent his last hours as prince at the iconic stately home. 


Dumfries House in Scotland

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"There was a glass of fizz and dinner, and the Prince and I had a natter," Alan Titchmarsh told the Times this weekend. The two men, who have known each other for over 40 years, then retired to Dumfries House's stunning tapestry room for a hot beverage and some tunes. 

"Afterwards there was coffee and music in the tapestry room, then we said goodnight," the English gardener added. 

"The next day his mother died, he became king and his feet haven’t touched the ground since." The King expressed his 'great sadness' just hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth had been announced, before embarking on a period of Royal Mourning that lasted for a total of sixteen days. He has since engaged in a heavy schedule of royal duties, including hosting investiture ceremonies, meeting with government officials, and attending public engagements. 

Alan shared more insight about his memorable dinner with Charles in another recent interview, recalling details of the live music and his private conversation with the royal at the end of the night. 

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"It was about 50 people so quite intimate," he told Hampshire Live, adding that the musical entertainment consisted of a "penny whistler and a guitar." The tapestry room at Dumfries House also contains a Steinway baby grand piano, so it's quite possible a few notes on the keyboard were played alongside these instruments. 

After gifting the penny whistler a bottle of scotch and the guitarist a bottle of champagne, Charles began saying his goodbyes. According to Alan, the former prince also invited him for tea just as he was leaving. 

"I got an early flight the next morning and when I got home, I realized I had said goodnight to the King on his last night as the Prince of Wales," the 73-year-old said. "Absolutely no inkling the night before that anything was untoward."

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