Kelly Brook set to appear in The Crown Season 6 'dressing room' scene

Kelly Brook has revealed the unconventional way she'll star in The Crown Season 6 after Netflix producers reached out to her agent

Kelly Brook to appear in The Crown Season 6 in 'dressing room' scene
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Kelly Brook has revealed that she'll make an unlikely cameo in The Crown Season 6, calling the exciting opportunity, "unbelievable." 

  • Kelly Brook has revealed that she will appear in The Crown Season 6, after receiving an unexpected request from the Netflix show's producers. 
  • The English model told radio co-host, Jason King, that she expects her cameo to take place in either Prince William or Harry's bedroom. 
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The English model is set to star in the popular Netflix royal series ‒ but she won't be rubbing shoulders with any of its A-list actors. 

Speaking on Heart Breakfast FM with JK and Kelly Brook, the radio host shared exclusive details of how she'll join the cast of The Crown Season 6 without actually showing up to film. 

Rather than portraying a fictional character, the 44-year-old will feature in 2D via an erotic photo of herself from 1999. Kelly explained that The Crown's producers had reached out to her agent, to ask if they could use the One Big Happy star's image for an episode of its final season ‒ a request she happily approved. 


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"The picture in question is below, it would be printed as a poster, and it would be put up in one of the character’s dressing rooms," Kelly told co-presenter, Jason King, before whipping out her phone to present him with the photo. 

The sensual portrait, which shows a younger Kelly lying in lingerie against a royal blue background, was met with quite the reaction from the radio DJ. 

Kelly Brook

The photo of Kelly Brook expected to feature in The Crown Season 6 

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"Hang on a second…I don’t…no, I can’t see that," he playfully protested. "No, no no, you’re like my sister! Put it away! Put it away will you? No no no!" 

"That’s definitely got to be a teenage boy’s bedroom, hasn’t it!" Kelly replied, before speculating on how exactly the poster will be shown in the series. 

"Can I be on the wall of Prince Harry or Prince William’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace or wherever it is they grew up? Could that be…?" she mused, only for Jason to beg her to put away the picture. 

The Crown Season 6 is expected to explore Prince William and Kate Middleton's early romance at the University of St. Andrew's, so it's possible that the photo could also pop up in the Duke of Cambridge's former residence on campus. 

"Was I a pin-up for them, back in the day, back in the 90s?" Kelly wondered aloud, before adding, "Oh wow, this is incredible."

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