Prince William's secret name to protect royal identity revealed

The Duke of Cambridge used a fake name to detract attention from his princely status while studying at the University of St. Andrews

Prince William's secret name at university to protect royal identity revealed
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Prince William used a secret name to hide his real identity at university, according to royal insiders. 

Prince William adopted a completely different name as a student to detract attention from his regal status, according to royal insiders. 

The Duke of Cambridge enrolled at the University of St. Andrews in 2001, becoming the first member of the British Royal Family to pursue third-level education beyond the bubble of Oxbridge in over 150 years. 

The Scottish institution introduced him to a whole host of new experiences, including a world-class education and a blossoming relationship with his now-wife, Kate Middleton. Hundreds of miles away from his home of Kensington Palace in London, it was also a chance for him to try out a fresh moniker. 

While it was hardly a secret that William was studying at the prestigious St. Andrews, it was widely accepted that the young royal wanted to keep a low profile on campus. In the hope of quelling potential fanfare around his presence, the Geography major went by "Steve" in order to protect his true identity. 

Prince William

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It's unknown why William chose this particular name, but it might have something to do with its original meaning. 

'Steve' is often an abbreviation of 'Stephen', which is derived from the Greek name, Stéphanos - meaning 'wreath,' 'crown,' 'victorious,' or 'honor.' 

While we're not saying that William was enticing his fellow students to solve any puzzles, it appears that there was certainly thought put into the majestic choice of name. 

'Steve' appears to have been forgotten since the duke graduated in 2005, but that wasn't the only alternative name he's been called in the past. 

Kate Middleton's dirty nickname for Prince William in university was revealed by Prince Harry in 2011 to be 'Big Willy', while 'baldy' has also been used by the duchess towards her husband in recent years.

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