Kate Middleton's wind-resistant bangs are down to this affordable trick, according to a royal hair expert

A royal hair expert has revealed the trick behind Kate Middleton's wind-resistant bangs that maintain their shape in blustery weather

Kate Middleton's wind resistant bangs
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Kate Middleton's wind-resistant bangs are seemingly impossible to achieve if you live in a windy city, fortunately for us, one expert has explained exactly how to nail the Princess's picture-perfect look!

Kate Middleton's curtain bangs that she debuted this autumn are incredible, and always perfectly curled and voluminously styled so that the Princess looks ready for the camera at any moment. But we can't help but wonder how she does it? How is it that her hair is always so perfectly in place without a hair out of line or with a few strands stuck to her forehead or not quite as perfectly quaffed? Well, the answer might be more obvious than you thought!

Catherine, Princess of Wales meets farmers at Brodieshill Farm

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In a TikTok that's been viewed by over 600k people, a US hairdresser who uses the name Bekah & Co and is a self-confessed 'Royal Stan' and hair expert, has examined how the Princess of Wales keeps her curtain bangs in place at all times.

In a video on her TikTok page, Bekah said, "The wind blows, her hair doesn't move at all. She uses tonnes of hairspray to keep her hair in place, to keep her bangs in place. So if you want bangs and you're living in a windy city or a humid city, you have to use product in order to keep them still."

So that's the tip! Just use an excessive amount of hairspray on your bangs and the wind won't have a chance to move it!


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Of course, there are a variety of hairsprays on the market, but Kate Middleton's perfect hair secret for keeping her bouncy curls in place is actually a total bargain as she uses the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. 

This was revealed many years ago when Hairstylist Amanda Cook Tyler posted an image on her Instagram of the supplies she had brought with her on a trip with the Princess. This was seen as somewhat of a royal faux pas and the stylist soon deleted the Instagram account after she seemingly revealed Catherine's style secrets, showing the iconic golden bottle of the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray in the photograph. 

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Stain Hair Spray Extra Strength Hair spray 300 ml, £4.98 | Amazon

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Stain Hair Spray Extra Strength Hair spray 300 ml, £4.98 | Amazon

Kate Middleton

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Even in photographs of Catherine in high winds, her fringe is still perfectly in place as her bangs are covered in hairspray. While this may mean that to the touch her hair is a little stiff, and she can't exactly run her fingers through it, if you are at outdoor engagements all day and need to look perfect for the cameras, having hair that's a bit stiff is probably better than it being a frizzy mess because of the wind!

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