Kate Middleton's upper arm trick to ensure her arms look toned in every photo

Kate Middleton's upper arm trick has been revealed by a photographer and we love this quick trick for a great photograph

Kate Middleton's upper arm trick
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Kate Middleton's upper arm trick has been revealed by a photographer who can tell exactly how the Princess looks so good in photos.

The Princess of Wales has a number of tips and tricks that help her look fantastic when she's photographed. One photographer has just revealed that the Princess has a great upper arm hack that helps her to look toned in photos. 

Photographer Olivia West told The Sun's Fabulous, that the Princess holds her arms away from her torso to ensure that her arms don't get flattened against her body and look larger than they actually are. "When she is standing she often holds her arms in front of her waist. This makes a gap between her arms and body which shows off her svelte figure and is a very slimming pose." 

She also added that the Princess doesn't flail her arms around when waving and ensures that her upper arms are still and in the same slightly angled position when she waves. "Even when she is waving she only moves the arm from the elbow," said Olivia.

Kate Middleton

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After realising this is her go-to hack we can't stop seeing it! In so many photographs of the Princess, whether she is side on to the camera or straight on, Catherine always makes sure that she isn't pressing her arms against her sides and there is a gap between her ribs and her arms.

The photographer further explained that the Princess always makes sure she keeps her shoulders down and doesn't hunch them when she is in a photograph. Raising your shoulders is a natural action when posing for a photo, and keeping them down is important for a relaxed and elegant look. The photographer explained, "She keeps her shoulders down where a lot of people raise them when smiling."

Kate Middleton arms

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The photographer then revealed the secret trick Kate Middleton uses to always look flawless in paparazzi photos. The final trick that Catherine employs is keeping her chin down - not enough to give her a double chin, but enough to flatter her face shape and tilt her head in a way that looks poised not posed.

"Kate always does the ‘out and down’ with the chin which makes your face look much better," said Olivia. "Most people bring their chin back when they smile causing a kind of chinny grin which isn’t flattering."

"I always tell people to imagine they are looking over a fence, you slide your chin over then just dip the chin - you can’t pull it back because the fence is in the way," she explained. A strange analogy that actually makes total sense!

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