Kate Middleton's supportive words to calm Princess Charlotte at memorial service revealed

Kate Middleton's supportive words to her daughter have been revealed by a lip reader who analyzed the pair at Prince Philip's memorial

Kate Middleton's supportive words
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Kate Middleton's supportive words to Princess Charlotte have been revealed as the Duchess of Cambridge supported her daughter at Prince Philip's memorial..

At just six years old, Princess Charlotte was the youngest member of the royal family in attendance at Prince Philip's memorial service, which celebrated the Duke of Edinburgh's life. 

Despite her age, the young royal was perfectly composed at the event but still needed a few words of encouragement from her mother Kate Middleton as they arrived at the service. 

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

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A video clip of the Cambridge family shows a rather solemn-looking Princess Charlotte arriving at Westminster Abbey with her family. After noticing her daughter's sad expression, Duchess Catherine lent down and whispered briefly to the youngster who then immediately seemed cheerier.

Kate Middleton's reassuring words to her daughter, Princess Charlotte, have been revealed by a lip reader. Jacqui Press, an expert lipreader, revealed to the Daily Mail that Kate told Charlotte gently, "you can smile." 

Meanwhile, Prince George was also directed by his father Prince William who reportedly told him "let's go in," then encouraged the eight-year-old whilst in the Abbey to meet members of the clergy.

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During the service, Princess Charlotte's adorable reaction to the cameras had many royal fans in tears as the young Princess pulled a funny face after realizing that a camera in the Abbey was pointed directly at her face. Fans loved this cute moment and praised the young royal for keeping cool despite the potentially overwhelming attention.

But eyes weren't only on the young Princess, many looked at the significant fashion choices made by members of the Royal Family. Reportedly, Duchess Camilla and Kate Middleton’s lowkey outfits at Prince Philip’s memorial service paid tribute to Prince Philip's 'modest style' who preferred comfort over fashion.

Another tribute also seemed to be paid to Prince Philip as everyone wore green at Prince Philip's memorial. Reportedly, this choice was a subtle nod to Prince Philip's military service in the Royal Navy.

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