Duchess Camilla and Kate Middleton’s lowkey outfits at Prince Philip’s memorial service will reflect his ‘modest style’

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge will wear 'understated' outfits at the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service today

Camilla and Kate's outfits at Prince Philip’s memorial to reflect his 'modest style'
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Duchess Camilla and Kate Middleton are expected to follow a slightly less formal dress code than usual at the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service today, in honor of the late prince's 'understated and modest' style. 

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge will ditch their usual formal attire for a more relaxed look at Prince Philip's memorial ceremony in London later today, according to royal insiders. 

It's understood that the dress code for the Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey will be surprisingly relaxed, with an emphasis on lowkey outfits that reflect the late Duke of Edinburgh's 'understated and modest' style. Military uniforms will also not be worn, having previously been scrapped for the royal consort's funeral at Windsor Castle last April. 

Guests have been asked to wear 'lounge suits and day dresses' to the service, which is expected to be attended by up to 1800 people, instead.  

Luckily for Duchess Camilla and Kate Middleton, there's no shortage of suitable options in their royal closets to adhere to Philip's preference. 

Kate and Will

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The Duchess of Cornwall has plenty of gorgeous frocks on hand, many of which perfectly match the criteria for the daytime event's wardrobe policy. The 74-year-old is a big fan of loose-fitting gowns in soft colors, often choosing to make a fashion statement with an extravagant hat rather than a glitzy dress. 


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She's also known to wear garments twice, a habit she's likely picked up from Prince Charles' longtime passion for sustainability. (Case in point, Camilla recycled a stylish seven-year-old outfit for a chilly trip to Ascot last year.) 

Like her stepmother-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge also boasts a stealthy track record when it comes to nailing the casual look. 

It's no secret that Kate Middleton dresses to impress for every occasion, always managing to wear the appropriate outfit for the event at hand. When it comes to more informal dress codes, the 40-year-old loves to experiment with whimsical cuts and pastel shades. She also enjoys channeling styles from different eras, with her 70s retro red blazer on her recent Caribbean tour wowing royal fans everywhere. 

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