Kate Middleton's latest announcement delights fans – and how she’s paying subtle tribute to King Charles

The Princess of Wales will once again host a Christmas carol service

Kate Middleton's announcement is a Christmas treat for fans
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An announcement from Kensington Palace was like Christmas coming early for fans of the Princess of Wales, as it was confirmed Kate Middleton will once again host a special Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey. The announcement included an adorable picture of Kate in one of her signature Christmassy jumpers and included more details about what to expect from this year's service, including a subtle nod to something important to King Charles.

Kensington Palace announced today that Catherine, Princess of Wales will host a special Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey for the third year in a row.

This year's Christmassy treat will take place on Friday, December 8.

In the announcement, it was confirmed that "this year, the service will be a moment to thank all those who work to support babies, young children and families in our communities across the UK and a celebration of the golden opportunity that the birth of a new baby brings."

This is in line with the Princess’ ongoing support for early years development, which included hitting a major milestone earlier this year.

Sharing the news on their official Instagram account too, Kate was snapped in one of her favourite festive jumpers.

In the photo, Kate smiles next to a Christmas tree wearing Holland Cooper's Fair Isle Knit jumper—it's something the Princess has worn numerous times.

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Last year's carol service was dedicated to the late Queen Elizabeth – as it took place just a few months after her death – and this year, there’s a subtle way Kate is honouring her father-in-law.

This year, the carol service will combine "traditional and modern elements to encompass people of all faiths and none".

This is a departure from the more traditional Christian focus, something which King Charles has been keen to introduce as monarch.

For King Charles’ Coronation in May 2023, for the first time, some of the regalia was presented by Peers who belong to different faiths. The King received greetings delivered in unison by representatives from five other faiths, and Jewish, Sunni and Shia Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Bahá’í, and Zoroastrian representatives all played a part in the procession.

Kate Middleton has hosted a Carol service for the past three years

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As Kate embraces Charles’ passion for diversity of faiths, many celebrated figures will be invited to the festive treat.

During the event, the Westminster Abbey choir will perform, along with musicians including Beverley Knight, Adam Lambert, Freya Ridings, and James Bay.

It’s likely many royals will join the Prince and Princess of Wales for the occasion again, and other invited attendees will include "individuals and families from all corners of the UK, including midwives, health visitors, early years practitioners, nursery teachers and community volunteers."

As with previous years, fans will be thrilled to know the event will be filmed, and air on ITV on Christmas Eve.

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