Kate Middleton stuns in elegant $15 ASOS gold hooped earrings for first museum visit in months

Kate Middleton’s hoops are a total bargain

Kate Middleton
(Image credit: JONATHAN BUCKMASTER / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Kate Middleton has worn a stunning pair of gold hoop earrings that are available for just  $15 (£10) at ASOS. 

• The Duchess of Cambridge made a public visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
• She made a real fashion statement in a pair of affordable earrings from ASOS.
• In other royal news, Prince Charles expresses regret over handshake rejection on Northern Ireland tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge has always had impeccable style when it comes to jewelry, from Kate Middleton's pearl earrings to her heart-shaped earrings, the Duchess has always set her standards high. Once again, the Duchess has stunned fans in an affordable pair of earrings that are sold at the online store ASOS.

Unfortunately, as soon as fans saw the Duchess in these earrings they flew off the shelves. But don't fear! There is a range of alternative earrings with similar styles that you can find at the same price point.

Kate Middleton

(Image credit: JONATHAN BUCKMASTER / Contributor / Getty Images)

So if you didn't manage to get your hands on these stunning earrings from ASOS, Orelia sell a similar style that looks just like Duchess Kate's. The earrings from Orelia are currently on sale and are just as affordable as the ASOS Design earrings. 

It appears that the twisted hoop style is very trendy right now and a lot of different brands are selling this style of earrings at different price points. 

& Other Stories also sells a version of the twisted gold hoop that is a little bit chunkier and a bit smaller.

Again these earrings are perfect for stacking and complement a variety of different outfits. These earrings are a little more expensive than Kate Middleton's but at just £17/$24 they are still an affordable purchase that won't hurt your purse too much.

The Duchess is likely to continue to make more fashion statements during her public outings as she heads on a tour of Scotland on Friday 21st May. On this trip, Prince William and Kate are set to carry out their most romantic royal engagement yet as they visit the exact place that they met 20 years ago.