Kate Middleton finds new 'ball-breaker' personal secretary after seeking 'a different kind of courtier'

Kate Middleton's new personal secretary is set to 'shake things up' for the Princess of Wales as she is labeled a 'ball-breaker'

Kate Middleton's new personal secretary is set to 'shake things up' for the Princess of Wales as she is labeled a 'ball-breaker'
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Kate Middleton's new personal secretary has been revealed, and by all accounts this new 'straight-talker' is going to be a live-wire in the palaces.

The Princess of Wales has a new personal secretary named Alison Corfield who is replacing Hannah Cockburn-Logie, who stepped down at the end of 2022 after two and a half years in the position.

The Times reported that Alison (who is reportedly known as 'Al') has been described as, 'loud,' 'persuasive,' and 'a breath of fresh air'. The article reported that Catherine was actively seeking out 'a a different kind of courtier' and is looking to 'shake things up' at the palace.

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In a sweet coincidence, Alison was formerly an air stewardess, which is the same job that Catherine's mother, Carole Middleton had decades ago before she had children. 

Alison also comes with a lot of impressive experience and has worked with many high-profile clients including Jamie Oliver and Clodagh McKenna. Alison was the head of campaigns for Jamie Olive from 2015 to 2020 and led his marketing strategy around ending childhood obesity and improving food education. 

A source who worked with Alison on Jamie Oliver’s campaigns, commented on the new aide's personality and work ethic, and described her as a 'ball-breaker'. “She’s a ball-breaker, a real straight-talker, very passionate, dynamic, and genuinely funny. She makes things happen and will really push things forward at the palace," they said.

A royal source also told the Times, “Alison is an unusual fit. She is a bit out there for Kensington Palace, but there is a move to recruit more modernizers and people with private sector experience, not just civil servants. She will run rings around the courtiers and shake things up a bit."

Another royal source who met the new senior aide commented, "She will be a massive breath of fresh air at Kensington Palace. She is loud, tons of fun and full of energy and enthusiasm."

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Alison's hire is a departure from the usual pool of people that members of the Royal Family typically select aides from. Typically, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been known to select senior aides from government departments and other areas within the civil service.

Former secretaries have worked with Prime Ministers, former chancellors, and senior ministers. Alison's non-political background and varied CV suggest that she will bring a new style to Kensington Palace, which can already be seen in Kate Middleton's recently announced Shaping Up campaign. This is Catherine's biggest solo project to date and fans can't wait to see how the Princess' team will help her to develop this charitable endeavor.

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