Kate Middleton's 'very deliberate and clever' preparation for 'powerful' royal role

The Royal Family have been smart and intentional about getting the Princess of Wales ready for the duty that lies ahead, an expert says

Kate Middleton and Prince William at King Charles's coronation
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The Royal Family have been "very deliberate" and "very clever" with its long-running preparation for the Princess of Wales to become Queen some day, a royal expert says.

Ever since Catherine married Prince William back in April 2011, plans have seemingly been in place to train and prepare her for the duties that lay ahead for both her and the Prince of Wales. 

A royal author says that The Firm have tapped into the power that Kate and William hold as a couple, as well as the influence that Catherine holds herself. They are said to have made sure she has spent the past 13 years getting ready for the pivotal role she will take when William, who is first in the line of succession, takes the throne. 

Kate Middleton at the coronation of King Charles III

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Appearing on True Royalty's Kate: The Making of a Future Queen back in 2020, royal journalist and author Katie Nicholl explained that Kate has put in the crucial work over the years to become the ultimate "Queen-in-waiting". 

"She's taking on more patronages, she's taking on patronages from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. This is all very deliberate," Katie added, explaining how it's part of The Firm's "very clever" plan to bring her "forefront". 

"They realise the power of Kate and the potential of Kate and William as this young, glamorous, dynamic duo who actually do have the ability to reshape and project the monarchy into the future," the royal pro went on to say. 

The Making of a Royal Romance by Katie Nicholl | £8.30 at Amazon

The Making of a Royal Romance by Katie Nicholl | £8.30 at Amazon

Published in 2011, this provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Prince William and Kate. It reflects back on her childhood, her close family and her romance with the future King. The book goes up to the preparations for the couple's fairytale wedding and also focuses on their life in Wales together.

Kate Middleton, Prince William with the Wales children on the Buckingham Palace balcony

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The Princess of Wales, who recently announced she is undergoing "preventative chemotherapy" following a cancer diagnosis, is known for her kind, smiley nature - and Katie highlights how Catherine's loveable persona makes her even more set to be Queen when William is King. 

"What you see is pretty much what you get. She's very kind, she's very thoughtful, she's very easy to get along with.

"She's been very well brought up, she comes from a lovely family, she's got two feet on the ground. The people who know her are very loyal to her and they love her," she said. 

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