Kate Middleton and Prince William's 'high-impact flirting' at the Polo decoded by expert

Kate Middleton and Prince William's 'high-impact flirting' at a recent royal engagement has been decoded by a body language expert

Kate Middleton and Prince William's 'high-impact flirting' at a recent royal engagement has been decoded by a body language expert
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On Wednesday, July 6, Kate Middleton and Prince William's 'high-impact flirting' was noted by a lot of royal fans as the royal couple were tactile and showed public displays of affection at a Polo match.

At a Polo match near Windsor Castle at Guards Polo Club, Smiths Lawn, Kate Middleton stunned in a bright white Emelia Wickstead dress as she flirted with her husband of 11 years, Prince William. The pair appeared in high spirits as they kissed one another on the cheeks, hugged, and gently touched one another. 

Two body language experts have decoded the royal couple's tactile behaviors and suggested that this royal engagement has given a sweet insight into the private lives of the loved-up Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Judi James, a body language expert began by stating that this tactile behavior is unusual for this royal duo. "This normally understated couple in terms of PDAs (public displays of affection) did suddenly become quite flirtatious at Smiths Lawn, cheek-kissing in a reward ritual and exchanging more touches than usual as they enjoyed the day."

The expert added that while a kiss on a cheek is common for royal couples in public, there were many other intimate gestures between the couple. "The cheek-kiss was a tradition for royal men and their wives at these events but Kate and William used several add-on signals to add to the sense of affection and intimacy."

"Kate threw her arms out in a truncated hug as William approached for the kiss and after the beaming act of reward, they both appeared to linger in the gesture of proximity rather than parting quickly to socialize," said Judi. "They also placed a hand around the other’s back as they walked together and their eye contact, facial feature softening and smiles of appreciation formed some subtle but high-impact flirting."

The expert added that this sport even has a 'polo effect' and this isn't the first time the high-class sport has excited players and onlookers alike.

"Polo is a sport that will generally have the effect of boosting the libido and Windsor men have always famously taken their women to watch them play and perform peacocking display rituals in their white jodhpurs and often stripped-off tops as they change kit between matches. Kate might have been attending for years but it’s clear the ‘Polo effect’ still has the power to create a flirtatious mood with William," concluded Judi.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge embrace after the Royal Charity Polo Cup 2022 at Guards Polo Club during the Outsourcing Inc. Royal Polo Cup at Guards Polo Club,

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, fellow body language expert Darren Stanton revealed that at this event, the royal couple allowed themselves to be more tactile with one another.

"While attending the polo, we saw a different side to William and Kate as they were far more tactile than they usually allow themselves to be. What was most significant about the pictures of them at the event is how their intimate body language was able to denote what is going on in their relationship and how they feel about each other after 10 years of marriage," said Darren.

The expert added that their deep connection was evident through their body language. "We saw William and Kate matching and mirroring each other’s body position and posture throughout their polo appearance - at one time both displaying a classic gesture of rapport as they held their hands on each other’s arms. William then kissed Kate on the cheek, showing that the pair are very much in love and have such a deep connection," said the expert.

Prince William

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Darren even suggested that the royal couple was 'reminiscent of two teenagers in love,’ as they showed genuine joy in one another presence.

"The couple’s behaviour was reminiscent of two teenagers in love and gives an insight into what their relationship was like in its early stages. Kate and Will were more than relaxed within each other’s company and their appearance was much more informal than we usually see them when carrying out their Royal duties. Kate couldn’t hide her affection for her husband as she stared adoringly at him when playing during the match or speaking with others afterwards," said Darren.

He added that the laughter and touching of one another also highlighted their loving relationship. "Will showed the same level of affection in how tactile he was with Kate, wrapping his arms around her and protectively placing his hand on the small of her back."

Darren added, "They both showed genuine expressions of joy and happiness around each other and there’s a great shot of Kate laughing ecstatically with a huge smile on her face, suggesting Will was clearly making her laugh. Humour seems to play a massive part in their relationship and the pair have the same quirks that make them laugh."

The expert concluded that it was clear that Catherine and the Prince are "still very much besotted" with one another even after all this time. "While Kate and Will know when to hold back on public displays of affection where deemed less appropriate, it’s times like these when they do allow themselves to let go that we see they are still very much besotted by each other," concluded Darren.

Only the day before the polo, experts claimed Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance proves they are 'connected on a deeper level.' This suggests the couple is enjoying the opportunity to show their loving relationship while attending more relaxed and informal sporting events. 

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