Kate Middleton and Prince William released a fantastic video of their Scotland tour, but you might've missed this small detail

Can you spot it?

Kate Middleton and Prince William
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In May, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Scotland. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just shared an adorable video recapping their tour—much to royal fans' delight—and there's one tiny detail that shouldn't go unnoticed. 

• From visiting the LTA youth program to meeting with the Hold Still photography project's participants, Kate and Will put their Scotland getaway on display in a sentimental video recap, which they've teased on Instagram and shared in full on YouTube.
• The moment comes right at the beginning of the clip.
• In other royal news, you'll be surprised—and touched—to learn about Prince Charles' nickname for Meghan Markle.

It appears Kate Middleton and Prince William had a wonderful time in Scotland. 

The newly social media-savvy duo have posted a recap of their tour on their new YouTube channel, showing the world just how much they were able to do in a single week.

"To the people, communities and organisations we visited and heard from; and those who stopped to wave and make our return to Scotland so special - thank you," they wrote on the video sharing platform. 

While fans are reliving their tennis court visit with LTA and that laugh-out-loud moment with a sweet baby in Fife, the royally obsessed are honing in on one little but fierce detail that comes at the beginning of the clip.

Watch Kate Middleton and Prince William's Scotland recap

The little boy who asks if Kate Middleton is a prince has drawn a lot of attention.  When he reframes his question and asks if she's a princess, the Duchess of Cambridge nods and says, "Yes!"

This is interesting, considering many people are currently asking  'Is Kate Middleton a princess?'. Like many factors of royal life, this little boy's question about Kate's title is complicated. 

Technically, Kate is Princess William of Wales, considering she married into the royal family, but she doesn't use that particular name. However, when Prince Charles becomes King of England and Prince William and Kate move up in the royal rankings, it's believed that she'll be the new Princess of Wales. That title was last used by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Naturally, this will all change again when Prince William takes the throne. Although we suspect that won't be for quite some time. However, when William is crowned king, she will become Queen Consort. 

Although there are plenty of titles to keep track of, we most love the fact that fans gave Kate this Lady Di-inspired nickname—the Children's Princess. It fits well with this video. 

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