How Sophie Wessex’s $300,000 ruby earrings symbolize her commitment to her royal duties

Sophie Wessex favors a pair of ruby and diamond cluster pendant earrings, and the stunning set carry special symbolism

Sophie Wessex's ruby earrings are an example of her literally wearing her title and duties with pride
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Sophie, Countess of Wessex is celebrating her birthday weekend after turning 58 on Friday, January 20. The dedicated royal could be presented with a new piece of jewelry or something special from her husband, Prince Edward. Sophie is known to wear plenty of the same pieces, opting for a consistent look and a familiar color palette, including a lot of reds and warm golds. This might not just be a coincidence, though, and her ruby and diamond cluster pendant earrings carry a subtle nod to her royal role.

As Sophie, Countess of Wessex no doubt continues her birthday celebrations this weekend, we take a look at the luxurious pair of ruby and diamond earrings thought to be a favorite of hers.

The magnificent ruby and diamond pendant earrings are usually worn by the countess on her most important appearances.

Sophie last wore the earrings to attend the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday, November 12.

The fact Sophie chooses this pair for such special occasions is most likely not a coincidence, and more of a nod to the importance she places on her role within the Royal Family.

Maxwell Stone, Diamond Expert for Steven Stone, commented, “Featuring six two-carat oval pigeon blood rubies originating from Burma, these stones are of the highest quality. There are three of each on Sophie’s earrings, and they’re surrounded by clusters of white round brilliant cut diamonds that total four carats.”

Red is the primary colour of the counties flag and Sophie is a loyal royal, committed to playing her part.

Sophie choosing red jewelry isn’t isolated to these earrings.

She has also opted to borrow the Ruby Floret earrings on several occasions, including when she traveled to the Channel Islands to attend the 70th anniversary celebrations of their liberation at the end of World War II.

Sophie Wessex often sports red colored earrings or jewelry, as it carries a special significance

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The Ruby Floret Earrings are miniature flowers, with the rubies edged with a circle of brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds.

The Queen commissioned them using stones from her private collection.

Another important connection to the royals is the late Queen’s Burmese Ruby Tiara.

The Queen personally commissioned the creation of the Burmese Ruby Tiara using gemstones presented to her as a wedding present.

Rubies from burma, as seen in Sophie's earrings, are what make up the late Queen's magnificent tiara

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The 96 rubies used in the crown were given by the Burmese people, who believe that the rubies protect from the different illnesses that can affect a body.

So, Sophie’s earrings could have a similar origin to these significant and sentimental pieces beloved by the late Queen.

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