Baby Reindeer's Richard Gadd has a new series coming to the BBC

The creator of the Netflix hit is set to explore a different kind of relationship in upcoming mini-series, Lion

Creator of Baby Reindeer Richard Gadd
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The creator of Netflix's latest hit series Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd, has a new show coming to the BBC. 

Baby Reindeer and the true story behind the show left thrillers fans gob-smacked and asking so many questions. From wondering who the real life Martha is to the meaning behind the dedication to Llewellyn Harrison, there's been endless curiosity surrounding the show and writer, Richard Gadd. 

And for those desperate to see more from Richard, you're in luck! The BBC has commissioned a new show from the creator who will write and produce a new six-part series for the TV giants. 

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer

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While Baby Reindeer has us wondering more about Gadd and his personal life, like whether he's married or if he really did break down on stage , this new mini-series will not centre, as far as we know, around his own life-experiences.

Set and filmed in Glasgow, Lion will follow the story of two estranged brothers and explore the 'highs and lows' of their relationship over a span of forty years.

The BBC's synopsis reveals, "When Niall's estranged 'brother' Ruben shows up at his wedding, it leads to an explosion of violence that catapults us back through their lives. 

"This ambitious series will cover the highs and lows of the brothers' relationship, from them meeting as teenagers to their falling out as adults – with all the good, bad, terrible, funny, angry, and challenging moments along the way. 

"It will capture the wild energy of a changing city - a changing world, even - and try to get to the bottom of the difficult question... What does it mean to be a man?"

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer

(Image credit: Netflix)

Speaking about this latest project, Richard Gadd said he has "never been happier to work on anything in his life".

He said, "It is a dream come true to be part of such a historic broadcaster with a reputation for bringing the best comedy and drama (and comedy-drama for that matter) to our screens. A dream which will likely wear off when it comes to tight writing deadlines and rainy shooting days on the streets of Glasgow - Just joking!"

The show does not yet have a release date but will broadcast on BBC One, BBC Scotland and BBC iPlayer when it is aired. In the meantime, until we've worked up the courage to rewatch Baby Reindeer, we'll fill the time with Netflix's new The Asunta Case - though the true story behind that show is equally as chilling at Gadd's. 

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