How Prince William and Princess Catherine have 'stepped up to the plate' with 'seamless' transition to senior role

Prince William and Princess Catherine's 'seamless' transition to their new roles in the Royal Family has been applauded by insiders

Prince William and Princess Catherine's seamless transition
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Prince William and Princess Catherine's seamless transition into their new roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales demonstrates how they will portray modern royalty under King Charles III.

In an interview with People, royal commentator Katie Nicholls commented that, Catherine and William have had a 'seamless' transition to their new roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales, titles previously held by King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles - although she used the Duchess of Cornwall title.

"William's years of being mentored by his grandmother and his father have really paid off because the transition to Prince of Wales has been seamless," Katie told People. 

The commentator added that this was an additional effort for Catherine, as the last person to hold the Princess of Wales title was Princess Diana, who left very big shoes to fill. "Kate has also effortlessly moved into a role with so much weight and history and is already making it her own," said Katie.

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The royal author also commented that the couple has already been welcomed by the people of Wales. "Making their first visit to Wales was a significant move, and we saw them very warmly welcomed. He and Kate want to forge a close relationship with Wales and its people, and they put that into action immediately. I think that's quite telling about who they are and the image of royalty they want to project."

The author commented that despite these new roles, the couple are ensuring that they are placing a priority on their personal interests and charities that they support.

"While they have both taken on new titles and more senior roles within the royal hierarchy, they have done so while staying very true to who they are and the causes they have championed. It's no coincidence that one of Kate's first engagements was to a maternity unit in Surrey, and as Princess of Wales, she's going to bring even more attention to her Early Years foundation," said Katie.


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Katie also revealed that William and his father are even closer since the Queen's passing and speak to each other constantly.

Katie said that the former Prince of Wales and the Prince of Wales, "speak on the phone most days. They are very aligned in their vision of the future of the monarchy and united over the notion of sovereignty, as one of my contacts told me."

"He is going to continue being by his father's side, I suspect, at key constitutional events such as the State Opening of Parliament and state dinners," Katie concluded. "That image of the King and Queen Consort and the Prince and Princess of Wales issued recently by the palace was a very important image of what the modern monarchy and reign of King Charles will look like."

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