Harry and Meghan’s incredible present for Archie’s 2nd birthday revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan have celebrated Archie's 2nd birthday by making an incredible donation on his behalf

Archie's 2nd birthday
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Meghan and Harry’s sweet gift to their son Archie for his 2nd birthday has been revealed.

• Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave Archie a sweet present for his birthday.
• Archie's 2nd birthday took place on 6th May 2021.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have continued with their charitable theme and made a lovely donation for Archie's 2nd birthday. It was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have given over 200 woolen beanie hats to charity to celebrate their son's birthday. 

Charity organization Make Give Live, revealed this generous gift in an Instagram post. The caption read, “Thank you Harry & Meghan, Duke & Duchess of Sussex, and of course, Archie for the generous donation of these 200 beanies to your friends on the other side of the world in NZ."

The brand revealed that the donation on Archie's 2nd birthday would be use to help refugees. She said, "@igotyourbackpacknz was very grateful for them and they will be sent in care packs to refugees around NZ to warm heads and hearts. It also meant a lot for our maker community to have something special to bring them together to enjoy connection and creativity whilst making them, and didn't they do an incredible job!? Happy Birthday Archie.”

Make Give Live teamed up with I Got Your Backpack, in order to put these beanies into care packs for refugees. I Got Your Backpack founder, Anita Hinton, said about the beanie hats, “We’re super grateful for any support, and 200 beanies is 200 babies around the country that have something lovely and warm on their head.”

This isn’t the first time that the royal couple has decided to make a charitable donation to celebrate their son. At Christmas, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's made generous charity gift to the same New Zealand knitwear social enterprise, Make Give Live.

In Christmas 2020, the couple bought 100 hats from the enterprise group and put the donation in Archie’s name.

At the time, Make Give Live founder Claire Conza told New Zealand Herald, "As Make Give Live operates on a buy one, give one model, this will allow the group to make an extra 200 hats to distribute to families in need next winter through the various charities it supports."

Claire Conza also told Life & Style that she planned to send a gift to Archie, “so he can really see what it’s all about,” She plans to send some hats and an I Got Your Backpack pack that included some images of the packs donated on his behalf for Archie's 2nd birthday.

Claire also said there would be a card saying, “look what we did for your birthday,” as a sweet gesture to remind the royals of the impact they’re having on those in need.

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