Hard-working Princess Anne hailed as 'credit to the royal family' as she launches back into work following pandemic

The Princess Royal has long been known as one of, if not the, hardest working royal and she’s back to business

Princess Anne
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Princess Anne, associated with over 300 charities, organizations and military regiments, has always been known as one of the hardest working royals, and she is back doing what she does best after hosting the first Charities Forum since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Back in 2010, Anne hosted her first Charities Forum, bringing together representatives from a selection of the charities to meet and share ideas and on Friday, she hosted the first one since the pandemic began back in 2020.

The charities came together to discuss the challenges of operating throughout a pandemic, as well as the lessons they’ve learned and the elements they’d like to continue.

Attending the forum were representatives from a variety of charities and organizations which have associations with the Princess Royal, including the Royal College of Midwives, The Carers Trust and the International Sheepdog Society.

It’s no surprise that such a wide net of interests and organizations were represented at the Charities Forum, Anne is involved with over 300 charities and has long been praised for her work ethic.

In fact, Court Circular reports have shown that she is the hardest working royal of 2021 so far, having carried out 110 engagements, resulting in 106 working days.

She pips brother, Prince Charles, to the top spot—Charles comes in second with 101 engagements and 100 working days so far.

Princess Anne

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Her Majesty The Queen comes in third, even in spite of her recent hospital stay and health issues including a sprained back which forced her to miss the Remembrance Sunday service, with an impressive 96 engagements.

Fans on the latest post for the official Royal Family Instagram account were quick to praise Anne for her continued efforts in philanthropy and charity engagements.

One wrote, “She works so hard and she is always… so inspiring.”

Other fans heralded her as “A credit to the Royal Family, ” a “fantastic ambassador” and “such a hardworking and underrated woman.”

Anne wasn’t just doing good, she was looking good at the same time—many fans were also quick to compliment the Princess Royal’s outfit in the video.

Perhaps taking a leaf out of Her Majesty’s book—the Queen is known for loving colorful ensembles—Anne wore a tailored green suit jacket and matching skirt.

One fan wrote, “She looks LOVELY in that color and the suit is tailored and fit so beautifully” and another added that the “Princess Royal [looked] so stunning in green while working so tirelessly.”

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