George, Charlotte and Louis's 'intense' school schedule might surprise you - but Lambrook is the 'perfect choice' for the Wales family

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all attend Lambrook School in Berkshire

George, Charlotte and Louis's 'intense' school schedule
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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis became pupils at Lambrook School last year and their 'intense' schedule might surprise some people.

The Good Schools Guide managing editor, Melanie Sanderson, appeared recently on an episode of Hello! magazine's A Right Royal Podcast, and explained why Lambrook as a school choice makes sense for George, Charlotte, and Louis as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

George, Charlotte and Louis's 'intense' school schedule

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Despite the fact that the children sometimes attend school on Saturdays as well as the usual Monday to Friday as part of an 'intense' schedule, the royal expert explained why the school is ideal for the royals.

"It's intense. For the younger ones, for the six and seven-year-olds, it's a really long week," she started.

The Lambrook School, for one, is based on a property that boasts over 50 acres, and is located fairly close to the family's home of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor - so it is quite the obvious choice for the sake of convenience alone.

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Melanie also explained that the Lambrook school doesn't abide by your typical schooling schedule - often, the students days are filled with sports, arts, and other activities that help the students become more well-rounded. With that, Melanie says the kids have to get their academics in "somewhere".

"There's so much sport and activity during the week… so they've got to get those academic lessons in somewhere," she said.

"We know the royals love being outdoors. They love the countryside and it's a real muddy-knees type of school. They've got acres and acres of pitches and fields to explore and they're allowed free rein in their break times."

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Aside from time for physical activities, the school is also dedicated to philanthropic endeavours, something that the Prince and Princess of Wales are notably quite passionate about, and likely want to pass on to their own children. 

"They're very hot on service," Melanie said, referencing Lambrook's service projects and volunteer work. "They do lots and lots of fundraising for the community and they are very focused on making sure their pupils understand how privileged they are."

Overall, despite some critics saying that the royal children don't belong at a school like Lambrook, Melanie says that, based on the vibe alone, the school really is quite perfect for them. "Lambrook's a really quite low-key, in a way, school. It's very much a country school, it's very cozy, and it's very sweet," she said. 

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